18 HILARIOUS white lies mums tell their kids

Parenting is a tough gig, and sometimes us mums have to resort to a some cheeky white lies…

We asked our fabulous Healthy Mummy community to share the top white lies they were told as a child and the ones they tell their kids too.

We’re definitely going to keep number 5 in mind!

shocked baby

18 white lies real mums tell their kids!

The Healthy Mummy has a community of over one million mums. We have multiple support groups on Facebook including a New Mums Support Group and a Pregnancy Support Group. Selecting 18 hilarious white lies real mums tell their kids was obviously super tricky! So here are some of the best!

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1. “If the wind changes your face will stay like that.” – Tahlia Wagner

2. “Eat your bread crusts if you want curly hair.” – Clare Poole

3. “I have eyes hidden in the back of my head, that’s why I know everything!” – Melanie Phillips

4. “If you keep playing with that thing, it will fall off!” – Hayley Smith

5. “I tell the boys that when Mr Whippy comes past if the music is on, it means he’s run out of ice cream! #sorrynotsorry” – Nikola Green

A cute young boy with his head on the table while holding a piece of broccoli on his fork

6. “Broccoli are magic fairy trees and if you eat them all then you will be able to talk to fairies.” – Brooke Jones

7. “If you don’t clean your teeth properly, the tooth fairy won’t leave any money!” – Stefanie Kilner

8. “‘No you can’t have that it has coffee in it’ so they don’t steal my smoothie!” – Amy Atkinson

9. “If you aren’t good, Santa will leave you a sack of potatoes.” – Clare Poole

10. “The TV is having a temper tantrum and wont play anymore today!” – Nicole Louise McClelland

Eating carrot

11. “Carrots help you see in the dark. So now Mr 6 takes a carrot to bed with him every night.” – Amy Atkinson

12. “The internet isn’t working today. That way I don’t have to watch Mia and Me for the millionth time today!” – Michelle Anderson

13. “If you keep picking your nose your head will cave in/your finger will be stuck up there forever.” -Brooke Jones

14. “The possums in the roof report back to Santa and the Easter Bunny.” – Charlotte O’Callaghan

15. “If you are too naughty – you will go to a naughty girls home for the night where they feed you poop on toast! I believed this as a child as my mum was a prison officer!” – Christielee Plumridge

toddler tantrums2

16. “Peppa Pig loves to pack away toys!” – Hayley Cochrane

17. “Don’t pick your nose…. your brains will fall out!” – Nikki O’Brien

18. “The park across the road from daycare is always broken. If we can see people- they must be trying to fix it.” – Ashleigh Ramirez

Hahaha we LOVE these! What are some of your favourite white lies?

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