2023 weight loss mums of the year share their day on a plate

2023 weight loss mum winners share what a typical day on their plate looks like using The Healthy Mummy recipes.
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These 3 Healthy Mummy’s proudly shared their combined massive 139kg weight loss results to help motivate others and score themselves the title of The Healthy Mummy 2023 weight loss mums of the year. We are so SUPER proud of them all.

Jemma, Cassie and Tanya have shared with us what a typical day on their plate looks like using The Healthy Mummy recipes.

Jemma’s – Day on a Plate

Jemma tells The Healthy Mummy, “I have lost a total of 50kg thanks to The Healthy Mummy – I first started with the Healthy Mummy recipes and lost 20kg then incorporated exercise as well and I lost a further 30kg.

I have lost and gained weight a lot throughout my life and lost weight because I didn’t like how I looked and would obsess on the scale.

This time I took time to work on myself first, found love for myself again and changed my lifestyle out of love and wanting to look after myself and be healthy not to ‘lose weight’. 

The Healthy Mummy app helped so much with the meal plans, recipesexercises and supportive community, it is now 2 years later I’m maintaining my weight and have never been happier or healthier in my life!”

Jemma shares below what she eats in a typical day

Breakfast: For breakfast Jemma will mix up 1 cup of Greek yoghurt with blueberries, chia seeds, granola, muesli, flaxseeds, rockmelon, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, dates and a dash of sugar-free maple syrup. OR make herself a Healthy Mummy overnight Bircher muesli.

Homemade Bircher Muesli

Snack: For a morning snack Jemma will make herself a Super greens protein smoothie using the Healthy Mummy vanilla tummy smoothie and Healthy Mummy vanilla protein powder with added superfoods such as avocado and chia seeds.

Lunch: For lunch Jemma has either Avocado and Quinoa sushi, a Rainbow Buddha bowl or some Rainbow rice paper rolls. All recipes available on The Healthy Mummy app.

Afternoon Snack: For an afternoon snack Jemma likes to have either The Healthy Mummy Caramel Bikkie biscoff balls or Chocolate bliss balls. Occasionally she will make herself Celery boats with light cream cheese & currants from The Healthy Mummy app.

homemade pizza healthy eating

Dinner: For dinner Jemma enjoys Cauliflower fried ‘rice’ from The Healthy Mummy app with added veggies and scrambled egg OR Homemade pizza made on a wholemeal wrap or wholemeal pita bread. OR a healthy homemade salad.

2 ingredient passionfruit panacotta

Dessert: The Healthy Mummy Panacotta recipe using 1 cup jelly lite jelly mixed with 1 cup Greek yoghurt OR a Fruit salad with watermelon, blueberries, chia seeds and rockmelon.

Cassie’s – Day on a Plate

Cassie shares, “My Healthy Mummy journey started back in 2015 after the birth of my 2nd child. I weighed in at 108 kg and it was time to make the change for my children. I lost 46 kg that time round dropping quite a few dress sizes.

I’m still using the Healthy Mummy smoothies and recipes daily. And did so throughout my last pregnancy as well. Although I’m not back to where I want to be as yet. I am working on it.

I am doing this to show my kids you can be healthy and how to be healthy. I am at risk of type 2 diabetes and will do anything to be here longer for my sons but I am struggling financially so this money will help so much. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Cassie shares below what she eats in a typical day

Breakfast: Cassie usually has a coffee with a Healthy Mummy wrap or some toast. 

Snack: Cassie enjoys peanut butter and carrot sticks or boiled eggs. 

Carrot Cake Dip

Lunch: Cassie usually goes straight for one of the many Healthy Mummy salad recipes

Dinner: Dinner is Cassie’s absolute favourite. “Having 4 kids there is always at least one that isn’t happy with the meals we cook. We do a lot of meals that can suit everyone’s individual needs. For example, we will make porcupine meatballs and I’ll have it with veggies and the kids will have it with pasta.”

Healthy Chocolate Weetbix Slice

Dessert: Cassie says for dessert, “I need something chocolatey. My go-to recipe is The Healthy Mummy Weetbix Slice and Mint Bubble Crunch.”

The chocoholic in me can’t resist.

Tanya’s – Day on a Plate

Tanya has lost 43kg with The Healthy Mummy. “It has been a long journey 6 years. Never give up. Keep showing up setting goals and smash them. Find what works for you and keep going. I finally found what works and starting to lose weight and be toned now.

Do what you enjoy and you will show up more for it. I joined to lose weight after having my daughter. It’s empowered me. I am healthy, fit and able to keep up with my 4 kids. It has been a life-changing experience, I have learned so much about exercise and food.

I have changed my outlook with my diet dramatically and believe it’s about mindfulness. I love starting each day with a Healthy Mummy Smoothie.

I am currently having the Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie-Chocolate flavoured, Beauty Collagen Powder Berry flavoured with a banana and Almond milk. 

Tanya shares below what she eats in a typical day

Breakfast: A Healthy Mummy Smoothie

Snacks: Tanya loves fruit, The Healthy Mummy Choc Berry bars, yoghurt, biscuits with cheese or dips, healthy cookies (secret centre chocolate cookies), and chocolate pretzel snacks.

Lunch and dinner: For lunch and dinner Tanya says she always tries to have lots of vegetables with a side of meat (lots of chicken & beef)

My favourite recipes are chicken stir-fry’s. I love The Healthy Mummy honey chicken with stirfry vegetables a winner with the kids, and curried sausages (this works well as my boys can have the sausages plain to suit everyone).

I do try and cook meals to save money so if l have any leftover food in the pantry/fridge the recipes allow you to substitute things with what you have to also help your food budget. It also helps with leftovers for the next day! 

Thanks for sharing what a day on your plate looks like ladies. They all look delicious!

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