22 AMAZING reasons we’re crazy about coconut oil

Celebrities like Miranda Kerr are huge advocators for it and it’s becoming an increasingly popular pantry staple, so why is everyone raving about coconut oil?!

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22 AMAZING reasons we’re crazy about coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of coconuts and has a slightly nutty flavour. Not only is this superfood high in natural saturated fats, but it also helps convert bad cholesterol into good choleste…rol and lowers the risk of heart disease, says Choice.

And if all that wasn’t good enough, it also eases digestion, boosts metabolism and controls sugar cravings! 

What’s more, 2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil a day can also help fight infections, destroy bacteria in the throat and also help prevent dental cavities and food poisoning.

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22 Awesome Benefits Of Coconut Oil

1. Curbs Cravings

2. Eases Digestion

3. Boosts Metabolism

4. Helps Fight Infections

5. Helps Prevent Dental Cavities

6. Moisturises Your Skin

7. Reduces Inflammation

8. Is An Antioxidant

9. Balances Out Hormones

10. Helps Beat Stress

11. Has Anti Ageing Benefits

12. Helps Regulate The Thyroid

13. Helps Build Muscles

14. Lowers The Risk Of Heart Disease

15. Banishes Dandruff

16. Treat Nappy Rash

17. It Can Be Used To Heal Athlete’s Foot

18. It Soothes Chapped Lips

19. It Can Be Used To Remove Chewing Gum From Hair

20. It’s A Natural Insect Repellent

21. It Can Help Treat Sore Nipples

22. You Can Use It As A Body Scrub

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So, there you have it! So many wonderful benefits of introducing coconut oil into your diet. 

Speak with your GP, if you are worried whether or not you have any intolerances or allergy concerns before you start using it.

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