3 mums 3 very different reasons for losing weight

At The Heathy Mummy we understand that every mum’s reason for losing weight is different and their weight loss journeys are different too.

Maybe you are trying to lose excess weight post pregnancy or from a health issue, or maybe you are trying to lose weight in order to conceive? The Healthy Mummy offers a supportive and safe environment for mums to lose weight and become healthier, stronger and happier versions of themselves.

Three amazing motivating mums share three very different reasons for losing weight and tips for other mums who may be considering starting the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Read below.


The Healthy Mummy program consists of monthly 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge nutritional meal plans and exercises which are provided through the Healthy Mummy App. In addition there is an incredible support network and information, and a variety of delicious Smoothies that help with weight management.

Three Motivating Mums who have lost weight on the Healthy Mummy program share their reasons for getting started and tips for other mums who are considering joining.

Mum 1 “Become stronger so that my hyper-mobility doesn’t cause me so many injuries”

Cassandra has lost 10Kgs* with the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. Having reached her goal weight 11 months ago, she is now focussed on maintaining her weight and gaining muscle tone and strength.

“Through my weight loss and strength building journey I’ve discovered that some of my joints are hypermobile (also known as joint laxity). This has meant that I was using a lot of muscles incorrectly and was injuring myself quite often as a result.

The stronger I can make my muscles, the less lax my joints will be and the less I will injure myself.  The less I injure myself, the more present I can be for my family.

I signed up to the 28 Day Challenge in January 2017. My second child was 15 months old and I was struggling to lose the last few kgs. My goal was to lose 3Kgs* and I ended up losing 10Kgs*. Having maintained her weight loss for 11 months she says “The 28 Day Challenge is sustainable, not just for me, but my whole family. 

I love food and with over 4000 recipes I can always find something to eat in the hub. The recipes are easy to prepare and I am always amazed by how good the meals taste”.


How do you stay motivated?

“The transformations and stories shared within the Facebook support groups help keep me motivated. Every day I see mums going the extra mile to reach their goals and they inspire me to work towards my own goals”.

What would you say to mums considering the Healthy Mummy program?

“YOU need to do this for YOU! You are important, you do matter and you need to put yourself first. It might feel unnatural and selfish at first, but trust me, you and your family will all benefit in the long run”.

Mum 2 “I want to OWN my skinny jeans”


Sue has lost 15Kgs* with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

Her motivation – ” I want to completely OWN my skinny jeans”. She says she also wants to be a role model of health, fitness and body positivity.

Only 5Kgs* away from her goal weight, she says “I am doing this for me, to feel good. I am determined to complete the physical challenges that my body craves”.

The Healthy Mummy weight loss program has helped her embrace food for for nutrition rather than fight with it. Her favorite feature on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App is the search function. “I use up my leftover ingredients in my fridge this way!”.

recipe hub

How do you stay motivated?

“I look at old photos. I really dislike them and they remind me why I started!”.

Advice to mums considering the Healthy Mummy program?

“Try it! There’s an opportunity here awaiting you. We can all tell you how much we love it, but only YOU can discover that for yourself!”.

Mum 3 “I want to achieve muscle all around and tuck away my lose skin”


Tatiana has lost 12Kgs* with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. Having already reached her goal weight she is now focussed on building muscle.
Her motivation – “I want to achieve muscle all around and tuck away all the lose skin I have from losing weight.
Losing the weight has shown me that I can do anything I aim for and it’s my reason why I want to keep going with my next goal”.
The Healthy Mummy program has shown Tatiana how to make healthy choices. She says “I have learnt to make meals I never thought to make and make healthy versions of meals I love like pizza.  My favourite feature of the 28 Day Challenge App is the favorites list in the recipe hub. Having this list makes life easier.  I have all my favorite meal recipes there ready to go”.

How do you stay motivated?

Tatiana stays motived by starting the day right and getting things done early.
“After putting on my activewear I drink a lemon water and workout before my mind says ‘no’ to me”.

Advice to other mums considering the Healthy Mummy Program

“Just get started. Do what fears you. Take a chance to make a change and the results will come. It takes time but you will get there.
It’s definitely changed my life and my families, and I love it!”.

8 tips for mums starting 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

1. You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go

Pick one small change and work on it daily until it becomes habit.

2. Ask questions if you’re unsure…. nothing is too silly

The support groups are the absolute best!! If you need help with anything, whether it be motivation tips, help with a recipe or you’re not sure of something there is always someone around to assist.

3. Try something new

Don’t be afraid to try new food. I’ve tried so many ingredients that I thought I didn’t like… only to find I now love them!

4. Don’t be afraid of “falling off the wagon”

When you get back on, you’re not starting all over again. You are simply trying again with more knowledge, power and strength than you did last time.

5. Plan and prepare

If you plan your meals you will always have sometimes on hand ready to eat and won’t be tempted to eat anything that you shouldn’t.

6. Stay hydrated

Start the day of with lemon water and stay hydrated.

7. Write down your goals

Create a motivational board and focus on. This will help you also when you feel like you are going off track. Which can happen. Go back and refocus.

8. Do at least 30mins of exercise a day

Exercise can be achieved while cleaning the house. Walking instead of driving. Stay active!

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank Cassandra, Sue and Tatiana for sharing their story with us.

If you would like to lose weight and improve your health join Cassandra, Sue and Tatiana on the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge today. You will be glad you did!

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