30 questions pre-schoolers ask every day

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If you’re a mum of pre-schoolers then you’ll relate to a study done recently in the UK showing mums are asked around 300 questions a day on average, and pre-schoolers are the worst.

questions pre schoolers ask

Endless questions. ALL. DAY. LONG!

You’re not alone!

30 questions preschoolers ask every day

  1. How does the moon stay in the sky?
  2. When is tomorrow?
  3. I’m huuunnngry! (technically a statement with an implied question)
  4. Why do I have to wear shoes?
  5. Where is [insert random toy/doll/book]?
  6. Why can’t I eat sand?
  7. How big is the sky?
  8. Why is it blue?
  9. Where do fairies live?
  10. How old are you/grandpa/random lady at the shops?
  11. Why is the stove hot?
  12. Where does my poo come from?
  13. Where did dinosaurs go?
  14. Why do I have to wear clothes?
  15. Where does the rain come from?
  16. When will you grow a willy (asked to mum)?
  17. Why is your vagina furry?
  18. Can I dress up the cat?
  19. Is the moon or the sun bigger?
  20. Why does daddy wee standing up?
  21. Where does Santa live?
  22. Why are oranges called oranges but bananas aren’t called yellows?
  23. What is under my skin?
  24. What is a shadow?
  25. Can I have a toy? (at the shops)
  26. Did you bring me home a surprise? (after that ONE time you brought home a surprise after work)
  27. Why do people get married?
  28. Can I marry my brother?
  29. How come birds can fly but dogs can’t?
  30. When will you have another baby?

Do some of these sound familiar? What questions does your preschooler constantly ask?

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