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Lauren 46kg weight loss

Lauren says, “If you’re just starting out on your journey, I’d highly recommend starting with a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. It’s such a great way to learn about healthy eating and exercise. I lost 46kg using The Healthy Mummy and I highly recommend them”


Tasheena Has Lost Over 44kgs

Tasheena says,My first aim was to lose 20kgs but I was like “Pffft as if! We have been here before” so I said I will aim for 10kgs. Within 2 months I had lost that 10kgs then I lost that 20kgs in 5 months I was over the moon. I had never found a weight loss plan so easy to follow, it taught me so much and I love the healthy mummy and the smoothies and 28 Day Challenges!”


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