5 Quick Tips To Declutter After Xmas and Start 2017 Afresh

Now that Christmas is done and dusted and the New Year is about to begin, it’s time do a quick declutter in order to start the year off on the right foot!

With these 5 tips you’ll have your Xmas tree away, new toys in their right place and the house shipshape in no time.

Quick Tips To Declutter and Start 2017 Afresh

5 Ways To Clear the Christmas Clutter

2. Get The Kids Involved

The majority of the clutter of Christmas comes in the form of new toys and gadgets. Start by getting the kids on board with the clutter clear out.

Give each child a goal of things they need to clear out. Make it challenging but achievable. They need to choose things they no longer use, don’t need or that are broken. Once they’ve collected their items, help them determine what to chuck, what to gift and what to sell.

2. Deal With The Stashed Clutter

If you’ve had guests over Christmas then chances are you’ve stashed some clutter somewhere. Maybe you pilled it into baskets and hid it in a spare room or perhaps it was dumped into the garage?

Whatever stash you’ve hidden, it’s time to get it out and deal with it. Don’t let it build up or hang around, sort, put away and ditch anything you don’t need.

3. Purge Before You Pack

Before you pack away all the Christmas decorations go through and declutter anything broken or that you don’t intend to use again next year.

Over time the decorations build up and before long one Christmas decoration box becomes two and then three. Don’t let it get out of hand, clear it before you pack it.

4. Get A Handle On A Hot Spot

Most people have clutter hot spots. Places in our home where clutter builds easily. It might be the kitchen bench, the hall table or the dining table. Wherever it is, now is the perfect time to get a handle on a hot spot.

Clear it, put everything away and work out a routine for preventing it from building back up. Perhaps set a rule that nothing EVER gets put down there, or maybe place a basket there and when it is full clear it so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

5. Don’t Just Move It

When you’re tidying up it is easy to get caught in the trap of just moving the mess around or putting it in neat piles. Put it away, throw it away or find it a home. Don’t just move it.

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written by:

Michelle Thompson-Laing

Michelle lives in Sydney with her three gorgeous little boys and her equally lovely husband. When she's not writing, Michelle can be found knee deep in laundry or attempting to shower alone. She can't live without lists, tea, girlfriends and a bit of chocolate each day. Michelle loves sharing all things organisation; from home hacks to budget tips. Her motto is organise, declutter and simplify your home, family and finances for life.