5 Tips For Teaching Your Kids to Save

Learning to manage and value money is an important life lesson. We all want our kids to be financially responsible, and teaching your kids to save is a key part of money management.

Little child is saving money for the future.

Once your children reach four or five years old, they are likely to be ready to begin learning about money, its value and how to manage it responsibly.

These tips will help you teach your kids the valuable discipline of saving. You might even learn a tip or two too!

Top Tips For Teaching Your Kids to Save Money

1. Give Them Their Own Money To Manage

Let kids manage their own money! But how?

Well, if pocket money is something you do in your family then this is a great option, alternatively you may want to create a system where your little one can earn money by ‘working’ (otherwise known as household chores) around the home.

The amount of money they earn isn’t really the important part.

The key point is that they learn where money comes from (earning it vs gifts) and how it can be used (saving, spending or giving it away).

2. Spend, Save, Give

A great way to help children manage their money responsibly is to split their “income” into three parts.

One portion is allocated to spending, another to saving and one to giving/charity.

You can discuss the percentage allocated to each portion together. The spending money is for immediate wants such as a movie out, canteen money or an ice cream at the beach. The saving money is set aside for a specific goal and then giving money is for charity or other gifting. This system is a fabulous way to teach kids what their money can do for them but also how their money can help others.

5 Tips For Teaching Your Kids to Save

3. Help Them Set Goals

Just like having a goal to work towards as an adult helps us save, kids also love goals.

Perhaps there is a special toy they’ve been longing for or an outing they’ve wanted to go on. Help your kids to set a goal and work out a plan for achieving it. Depending on their age and how much money they have access to, you might decide to match them dollar for dollar towards their goal or allow then to earn extra money through additional jobs.

A chart tracking their progress can also be an easy visual reminder of their progress and help keep them motivated.

4. Let Them Make Mistakes

If you constantly rescue your kids from poor decisions then they will never learn the consequences of their choices. If your child is saving towards a specific goal but then drains their savings for canteen money on a whim, it is a great chance for them to learn that once you spend your money it is gone.

5. Lead By Example

Kids learn by what we do, not what we say.

If we never show any self control when it comes to spending and don’t make wise choices with our own money, then they will learn those habits from you. Talk to your kids about how you manage your own money. Where does it comes from, how does it get spent, how much goes on “needs” vs “wants”. Get them involved in opening bills and learning how the things we use each day cost money. As they get older get them involved in grocery shopping, budgeting, getting the best deal on insurances and bills. The more you can involve them in everyday money choices the better equipped they will be to manage their own money responsibly into adulthood.

Are you teaching your kids to be responsible with money? How are your own behaviours shaping your kids attitude to saving, spending and giving?

5 Tips For Teaching Your Kids to Save

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