5 ways this mum keeps active with her little ones!

As parents we like to lead by example, so what better way to show your little ones the importance of exercising and being healthy than by getting them active in your workout regime?

Healthy Mummy, Jessica May Magill, has revealed the five ways she stays active with her children.

“Heaving three kids who are under four and that are with me 24/7 means I need to be able to exercise with them around,” she says.

“By getting them involved I’m able to have fun and spend time with them also. I’m also teaching them the importance of exercise too.”

5 ways this mum keeps active with her kids

1. Walk everywhere you can

Jessica with her kids

“It’s free, it’s suited to all fitness levels and the fresh air is great for everyone! I star my toddlers in the ram and use a carrier for my baby, the extra weight just adds to the workout.

“We play ‘I spy’ and the kids love to point everything out while we walk.”

2. Incorporate your kids into your workout

Skye with little one


“Make the most of a clingy baby by incorporate them in your workout. Use them as a weight for squats, plank over them or lift them up and down for a great arm workout.”

3. Join in on their fun

jessica cartwheel

“Kids have so many exciting toys to play with to keep them active, so why not join in with them! Jump on the trampoline, kick a soccer ball, cartwheel and chase them. It’s a great way to bond with them and is a workout all in one!”

4. Get them to join in with DanceFit


“The new DanceFit exercise on The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is amazing!

“There are three different levels that are so much fun. We use the app through our smart TV and my toddlers absolutely love having a dance around while I get my workout done.”

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5. Teach your little ones importance of exercise

Jessica playing

“My kids often ask me what I’m doing and why I’m doing it when I workout, so now I show them and explain what I’m doing and the benefits of it! I use The Healthy Mummy DVD and talk them through what I’m doing.

“You don’t need a lot of space and it’s super easy to follow. The kids can either join in, or just watch me. Either way, they’re learning about the importance of keeping yourself fit and healthy.”

Wow. Thanks for the awesome tips Jess!

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