6 Foods and Beverages That Can Make You Smarter (Wine Makes the List!)

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My suspicions have been confirmed – wine makes you smarter. This is why during pregnancy my ability to function – and consume wine – took a massive nose dive. Coincidence? I think not.

And not only wine. Here are five other delicious drinks and tasty treats that can actually up your brain function.

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Combat baby brain with these foods

When you have kids, your brain can (and will) turn to mush. Sleep deprivation and hormonal changes are considered two of the leading causes of this but having to argue with a two-year-old over and over and over again about why we don’t go poop poop on the neighbour’s lawn may also have something to do it with.

So, to combat lack of sleep and lack of stimulating conversation,, stuff your face with foods that are known to increase brain function.

1. Salmon

Salmon is a staple for healthy living. It’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial for brain performance. It is also known to help with fatigue, poor memory and mood swings. Or, as I like to call it, the condition known as Being a Mum.

2. Blueberries

Bring on the blueberry smoothies! Not only are they a great way to start the day but they also can reverse memory loss. So you may just remember where you put your car keys after all…

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3. Avocado

You either love avocado or you hate it. I am in the former category – I would eat nothing but avocados if they weren’t so bloody expensive. So it’s good to know they also significantly strengthen brain function, improve blood supply and oxygen to the brain and help with planning and critical-thinking skills.

4. Red wine

As mentioned above, red wine is your red wine is your go-to beverage for improved brain function (but limit your consumption as too much alcohol has the reverse effect). Why red wine? According to studies, it can help increase your cognitive function, especially among women. There have been other studies that link red wine to weight loss as well.

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5. Dark chocolate

Not like you need an excuse to inhale chocolate, but, if you ever did, turns out, it can make you smarter! Harvard doctors have confirmed that flavonol, a natural compound in cocoa beans, can increase memory and thinking abilities.

I am happy to test this theory out.

6. Cayenne pepper

If you’re a lover of spicy dishes, then this will come as good news. Cayenne pepper is a natural fat fighter but it can also reduce stress and allow us to focus. So bring on the spice!

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Hey, you can’t argue with the experts? Well, you can, but when they are recommending chocolate, wine and avocado for your health, why in the world would you?

There are plenty of other foods that can help boost your brain function but they aren’t as delicious as the above. Kale, beans, leafy green veggies, tuna, tomatoes and nuts also make the list and, if you are a fan of these foods, then you’re be ready to take on the expert level of Sukudo in no time.

Make sure you head to the Healthy Mummy shop and recipes page for delicious and easy meals that contain these smart-busting super foods (and ones that the kids will eat too).

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