60 things to do if you’re stuck inside and want to pass the time

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While staying inside is extremely important to help ‘flatten the curve’ during their coronavirus pandemic, it can be quite boring!

Here are some top tips on how to keep yourself and your family entertained if you’re feeling holed up indoors and going a bit stir crazy!

60 things to do if you’re stuck inside and want to pass the time

1. Watch the movies you’ve been meaning to on Netflix

Including all the long films you’ve been putting off like The Irishman.

2. Get through your Kindle book list

It’s a good excuse to knuckle down and read.

3. Learn to knit

Make the kids some hats for winter.

4. Meditate

Check out our Mind. Body. Breath sessions on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

5. Learn how to play an instrument

You can always order an instrument and learn how to play it at home. As long as it doesn’t annoy the neighbours!

6. Have a pamper day

At home, of course! Check out our AMAZING Healthy Mummy SKIN collection for lotions, epsom salts and face masks.

7. Complete a jigsaw puzzle or play board games

Dust off your old puzzles and board games like Jenga.

8. Spring clean your house

Clean the oven, dust the fans and wash the windows. Now’s your chance!

9. Sort through all of your wardrobes

Colour co-ordinate your clothes or organise your outfits.

10. Bake

We have a HEAP of delicious recipes on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

11. Catch up with friends and loved ones

Skype, FaceTime, What’sApp video call. The options are endless.

12. Do some gardening

Try planting your own veggies or trim the hedges.

13. Throw out your old make-up

Get rid of your old blushers and eyeshadows and wash your brushes.

14. Make a pile of things to donate to the op shops

Clear out all the things you don’t use and put them in a pile to take to the op shops when they open again.

15. Sort out your finances

Do your banking and pay off your debt if you can.

16. Learn a language

Always wanted to speak Spanish? Now’s your chance to learn.

17. Organise your pantry

Get your pantry in order so you know what’s inside.

18. Get fit

Gym closed? No excuses, get fit with our at-home exercises on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

19. Build a fort with your kids

Use old cereal boxes and pillows and take the afternoon to play with your kids.

20. Learn origami

Why not?

21. Paint your own nails

Nail salons are closed so practice your technique.

22. Get lots of sleep

Every night can be an early night! Your body will thank you for it.

23. Pickle some food

Try preserving some of your veggies by pickling them in vinegar.

24. Re-arrange your furniture

Change your front room around.

25. Make your own clothes

Now’s your chance to darn your socks or sew the straps that have torn on your summer dresses. You could even try and be a bit more adventurous and make a dress or T-shirt from scratch.

26. Do yoga

Get your kids involved as well.

27. Make a list of life goals

Now you have time to think about what you really want in the future. Where to go and what to do.

28. Plan out a menu for the week

Make a list of each meal you’ll be making each day. You can make meal plans on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

29. Take an online class

Study something you’ve never done before but always been interested in doing.

30. Make your own cards

Make your own thank you and birthday cards.

31. Put together a playlist

Make your own self-isolation playlist.

32. Make a music video

Get your kids involved in this one as well.

33. Do some painting

Paint the flowers in your garden or do a self-portrait.

34. Make play dough with your kids

All you need is flour, water and food colouring.

35. Visit the zoo via live stream

Can’t leave your house? You can still live stream feeding time at the zoo on Instagram in some places.

36. Have an indoor picnic

Have lunch on a picnic mat in your living room.

37. Make your own pizza

Your kids will love choosing their own toppings.

38. Listen to a Facebook Live book reading

Lots of celebrities are doing this now!

39. Make a vision board using old magazines

Because, why not?

40. Frame some pictures

It’s time to sort out your phone photos and get your favourite ones up on the wall.

41. Start writing a diary

It may help organise your thoughts and feelings.

42. Have more baths

You’ve all the time in the world now for a nice long soak.

43. Learn one of Beyonce’s dance routines

You’ve always wanted to be a professional dancer, maybe now you can be!

44. Camp in your backyard / balcony

Put up a tent in your backyard and pretend you’re somewhere else.

45. Learn how to make a complicated recipe

If you’re stuck for ideas, we have a heap of recipes on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

46. Make a cardboard fort

Use up all your old cereal boxes.

47. Watch your favourite series in its entirety

Time to watch Sex and the City from start to finish!

48. Pluck your eyebrows

Be careful with this one! But if you do wrong, it doesn’t matter – it’ll grow back by the time self-isolation is over.

49. Make your own juice or lemonade

Always wanted to but never knew how? Now is the time.

50. Write a book

You now have time to work on that novel you’ve been planning to.

51. Make puppets

One way to use up the cardboard from your toilet paper rolls.

52. Have a treasure hunt

Hide treats around the house and get your kids to find them.

53. Make your own jewellery

Pasta jewellery is always fun.

54. Match your socks up

Sort out that sock drawer!

55. Learn interesting facts about things

You’ll be in with a chance for winning the meat raffle when the local pub quiz resumes.

56. Start a virtual book club

Get your friends involved.

57. Bird watch

Check out what wildlife is coming into your backyard.

58. Make your own hand-sanitiser

Here’s how you can make your own hand-sanitiser.

59. Join an online playgroup

There are a heap on YouTube with a activities to do and songs to sing.

60. Brush up on your spelling

Now you have no more excuses for getting confused between their and there!

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