‘Losing 29kgs* Did Wonders For My Anxiety And Depression’

Michelle was 100+kgs her entire adult life and would hide away, suffering from anxiety and depression. That’s why she has only one photo before weight loss. So how did this mother lose 29kgs* and turn her and her family’s life around?

michelle anderson before and after

Meet Michelle Anderson

My name is Michelle, I am 28 years old and live in Sydney.
I married in September last year to my partner of eight years and together we have three children: a seven year old , four year old and a one year old.

Before Starting The Healthy Mummy

  • I have been 100+ kgs my whole adult life.
  • I was so sick of feeling deflated, lethargic with no self confidence and spending my days hiding away.
  • I always hid from the camera so I only have one “before” photo. (I am so glad I do have this photo as it was a real eye opener!)
  • I suffered from anxiety and depression.
  • I sat on the sidelines and watched everyone else have fun.

Ready To Lose Weight

My starting weight in August was 118.3kgs and I’d had enough – so I made a choice to make a change! A decision I would never regret and would never look back. I was making this choice for me but I was also doing it for my family, so that we could all make healthier choices.

My Healthy Mummy Journey

I joined the The Healthy Mummy 28 day Weight Loss Challenge in August. Since then I have been following the meal plan, exercise plan and having The Healthy Mummy Smoothieswith my family being my motivation.

challenge - busy mums

How The Healthy Mummy Has Changed My Life

– I am now down to 89kgs – losing 29kgs*!
– I changed my food and exercise habits and was amazed at how this did wonders for my depression and anxiety.
– I no longer feel like my weight is holding me back.
– I no longer hide out, avoid cameras or sit on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun.
The Healthy Mummy has been the answer I was looking for. I don’t know where I would be without it.

Thank you Michelle for sharing your empowering journey. We are so glad you found The Healthy Mummy too and wish you all the best in your health and happiness!

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