8 Non-Life Threatening Reasons Why Your Breasts Hurt

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Isn’t funny how we instinctively jump to the worst assumption whenever we feel an unusual ache or pain? This is no different when our boobs give us grief.

But before you go thinking it’s breast cancer, be aware that there are dozens of natural and normal reasons why your breasts might be hurting.

9 Completely Normal Reasons Why Your Boobs Hurt

So before you go driving yourself crazy with concern, take the time to read about others reasons your breasts might be painful.

8 Normal Reasons Why Your Boobs Are Sore + 1 Reason To Worry

1. Ill-Fitted Bra

A bra can either be a woman’s best friend or her worst so consider when you were last professionally fitted? Research says every six months you should have a professional fitting to ensure you’re getting that much needed support.

With a bra that is either too small in the cup, too big in the band or has underwires poking all over the place, it’s little wonder our poor boobs are feeling tender.

2. You Are A Woman

Puberty, hormones, menstruation, did I say hormones? Being a female means our hormones fluctuate every month and around our period our boobs swell and become tender.

If it is close to that time of the month or you’re in the thick of it, give it a couple of days. The pain should settle down once it’s finished.

 3. Overworked

Upped your workout at the gym, powered through those reps of chest presses or started a new circuit of weights? Exercise can leave your chest in some serious pain that feels somewhat like breast pain.

However, it is actually the muscles beneath the breast tissue, the pectoral muscles. A couple of days rest and the pain should subside.

4. More Support

If you are enduring high-impact exercise without a supportive sports bra you will find the up-down-and-all-around movement stretches your breast tissue leaves your lovelies feeling mighty sore.

Make sure you wear a correctly fitted in a sports bra. Have a good jump around in the fitting room before walking out with it to make sure it’s doing a good job.


5. Infection

Blocked milk ducts, infected hair follicle, mastitis, clogged sweat glands. All these conditions can cause localised infections and manifest as boob tenderness.

Infections will also present with redness, heat and a possible fever. If you are concerned you have an infection, speak with your family doctor as soon as possible to determine cause and medicate.

6. Lumpy Boobs

Are you one of the lucky ones who’ve been told you’ve lumpy breast tissue? I personally have multiple fibroadenomas that can cause breast pain.

If you have this condition or polycystic breast tissue (fluid filled cysts), it is not uncommon for this to result in pain linked with your menstrual cycle.

7. Caffeine Overload

While caffeine doesn’t cause breast pain, quitting can help to alleviate the aforementioned pain suffered from woman with polycystic breast tissue.

So if you find yourself with lumpy boobs and have a coffee habit to rival an addict, then perhaps consider cutting back.

Check out these other fun facts about coffee.

8. Birth Control

Again with the hormones. As well all know taking birth control increases our body’s intake of female hormones. Any drug that affects our hormones will naturally cause some boob tenderness.

If you find that your birth control is causing too much discomfort, please discuss this directly with your family doctor.

One Reason To Be VERY Wary – Breast Cancer

What woman fear most. Breast pain or tenderness is a very rare symptom of breast cancer, which is why it’s last on the list. So do not automatically jump to dire conclusions.

However, if you have noticed a lump, tenderness, or change in your breasts that you are concerned about, contact your family doctor immediately.

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