8 of the biggest myths surrounding COVID-19 debunked

In these uncertain times there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there about COVID-19 and the potential side effects as well as who the virus targets.

We’ve pulled together a list of facts that scientists have discovered about the disease. Here is everything we know so far…

8 of the biggest myths surrounding COVID-19 debunked

Coronavirus myths debunked

1. Kids can get COVID-19

8 of the biggest myths surrounding COVID-19 debunked

Rumours have been circling that children are immune from catching COVID-19 but so far, it seems that they aren’t immune, they just seem to have milder symptoms than adults.

However, there have been some cases of children in intensive care suffering from the virus. Encourage your kids to constantly wash their hands and practice self distancing if you are concerned.

2. Alcohol kills coronavirus

8 of the biggest myths surrounding COVID-19 debunked

Alcohol-based gels like hand sanitisers are effective at killing microbes. BUT drinking heaps of alcohol won’t stop you from contracting the virus unfortunately.

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3. You SHOULDN’T ingest bleach

Bleach is useful to disinfect surfaces but it’s dangerous for us to consume or inject.

4. Cats and dogs can’t spread coronavirus

8 of the biggest myths surrounding COVID-19 debunked

There have been some tests on zoo tigers and dogs for coronavirus but they are very rare cases. There’s still no evidence that dogs and cats can catch the virus and transmit it to humans.

5. Coronavirus doesn’t only infect older people

8 of the biggest myths surrounding COVID-19 debunked

People over 65 and with pre-existing health conditions are more likely to suffer from severe outcomes but anyone can catch it and no one really knows why it infects some people worse than others.

6. 5G phone towers don’t spread the virus

8 of the biggest myths surrounding COVID-19 debunked

Some wild conspiracy theories out there are that 5G towers spread the virus through microwaves. This theory has been debunked by many scientists.

7. There’s not a vaccine available just yet

Scientists across the globe are currently racing to find a vaccine for coronavirus, but as it stands there’s not one available right now. Some human trials have taken place but it may be sometime before a widespread vaccine is available for the masses.

8. The flu shot doesn’t protect you

8 of the biggest myths surrounding COVID-19 debunked

Flu is completely different to COVID-19, so while there’s no harm in getting a flu shot ahead of flu season, it won’t protect you from contracting COVID-19. The reason medical experts are urging people to get flu shots is so that you don’t contract both at the same time.

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