8 tell-tale signs your toddler has hit the terrible twos

No doubt you’ve heard the talk about the challenges of parenting a two-year-old. But how do you know if you’ve actually arrived in the land of the terrible twos? Here are 8 tell-tale signs to look out for!

Tell-tale Signs Your Toddler Has Hit The Terrible Twos 12

The terrible twos is something most toddlers go through as they start to gain some independence. Sure they are heavily reliant on you but they also want to do more things for themselves.

At this age children are also undergoing major motor, intellectual, social and emotional changes. They’re keen to do things on their own, their vocabularies grow and they start to question certain rules.

But because they aren’t able to move as fast as they’d like or communicate their needs, they often feel out of control. When this happens they can get frustrated, chuck tantrums and misbehave.

1. The wrong plate

toddler vegetables

Who would have thought it, but the wrong colour of plate or cup that you place your child’s lovingly prepared food or drink in can literally ruin their day. You might even find yourself with some Weetbix thrown into your hair.

2. Crackers

All of a sudden they realise there are choices available in their life, so they LOSE THEIR MIND when you say that they can’t eat crackers for every meal (insert preferred food of choice here).

3. It’s MINE

Any item in their sights is theirs. If they had it once, it’s theirs. If they want to use it, it’s theirs (even the slide at the park is theirs it seems). That sandwich you’re about to put in your mouth? MINE!

4. NO!

Tell-tale Signs Your Toddler Has Hit The Terrible Twos

Every boundary that you so carefully constructed to keep them safe and well is pushed to the limit. Even asking them something that you KNOW they will want to do (like ‘shall we go to the park?’) might be responded to with a firm NO.

5. Independence

All of a sudden they want to do everything themselves. Even things that they have not quite mastered yet, like drinking from a cup without a lid or brushing their own teeth.

They may also decide now is the time for them to be doing whatever their older siblings are doing. Usually this involves them carrying around a backpack filled with all sorts of random things – everywhere you go.

6. Whack!

Communication is still limited, so generally involves hitting, throwing or biting to get their point across. If the same thing happens to them (for instance in a play-date situation) they will be frightfully appalled.

7. Yuk!

Little girl toddler picking her food, making faces. Childhood problems, picky eater, eating habits, terrible two concept.

Things that didn’t bother them before suddenly do. Food colours, textures and types become BIG DEALS that can lead to…..

8. Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tantrums can occur daily or even hourly in some cases. The smallest thing can set them off and nothing you do seems to settle them down.

Usually they will save the worst of these for the lolly aisle in the supermarket, or the public toilet at the library.

Sure it’s no picnic trying to parent a two-year-old, but they won’t be like this forever. The key is to try and stay calm and avoid challenging situations, like taking them shopping at nap time.

Want something to look forward to? How about parenting a threenager! And here is a funny and relatable post for those with two children or more, we’re sure you can relate.

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