8 things NOT to say to a mum pregnant with her third child

I can’t help but note that once you begin having children, other humans feel it necessary to ask questions, make comments, critique and compliment. Being the mother of three children I have heard it all.

I especially noticed that when I was pregnant with my third, I became public property for some time for personal, and often extremely ludicrous questions!

8 Things NOT To Say To A Mum Pregnant With Her Third Child

It seems that the more kids you have, the worse it becomes. Here are just a few of my ‘favourite’ one-liners and questions.

What not to say to a pregnant mum

1. “Don’t you know what causes it?”

I do actually and quite frankly you are the last person I wish to be discussing my sex life with!

 2. “You are going to be outnumbered”

Well you don’t say! We have done the math and did realised this, long before you. I’m sure that come feeding time the zoo we will feel them joining forces and taking control.

Yet they will realise that if they want to eat they will have to relinquish power. I’m sure that we will have things under control. At least 90 per cent of the time!

3. “Don’t you remember the sleepless nights?”

With one child with insomnia, the other with reflux we haven’t actually slept in the past four years. So no, we haven’t forgotten about the sleepless nights.

We are still elbow deep in sleep deprivation and crappy nappies. You think a little more lost sleep will phase us? We have this covered!

4. “You’ve got your hands full”

No kidding lady!

But I can catch my son from falling backwards in to a glass window, while spoon feeding my son and kicking the cat off the couch. All the while not spilling my wine… I’m a mother, I’ve got this.

5. “You must be exhausted”

What gave it away? The bags under my eyes? My dishevelled hair, puke-covered clothes or lack of overall image maintenance? I am eyes falling out of my head, fall asleep walking, slur my words exhausted! But each day I have multiple angels who fill my heart with love and joy and pride so the exhaustion is worth it.

what not to say to a mum pregnant with 3

6. “Are you happy?”

That I’m pregnant?

Are you happy you are alive?

Go away.

7. “On purpose?”

Well, I don’t know. Did you wake up today and decide to be rude on purpose? Really, it isn’t really important at this stage, is it? I am pregnant and I am choosing to have a baby, on purpose.

So how this baby came to be is of no significance to you. Perhaps a congratulations would be a good place to start? (and finish).

8. “Sucked in”

Another child may not be for you. It may not suit your lifestyle. But this is a choice we have made and we are happy about and there really is no punishment in it.

The best thing you can say?

CONGRATULATIONS! You must be so excited and another little friend for your kids. How wonderful!

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written by:

Jessica Black

Jess is a fiercely passionate storyteller who is mad about fitness and wine drinking, usually not at the same time. She’s a freelance writer who juggles being a mummy to three and hospitality work. When she’s not busy tapping away on her keyboard with a smile on her face she’s chasing the kids or jogging on the beach.