8 things that you should NEVER say to a new mum

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One of the nice things about having a new baby is all of the visitors that you will receive. Everyone wants to pop over to meet your new little bundle of joy.

The trouble is that as well as dropping off a cute little onesie and a lasagne (if you’re lucky), people seem super keen to put their foot in their mouth while they’re there by saying one of these comments.

Mother holding newborn baby girl

So if you are on your way to visit a new mum, have a read of what NOT to say when you’re there.

1. I’m just so tired today

Really? Tired? Gee that must be just AWFUL for you. I can’t imagine being tired, I had a lovely night’s sleep last night. NOT!

2. She can’t be hungry AGAIN can she?

When my baby is crying, I’m going to try and feed him first because that generally stops the loud noise that he is making which is hurting my brain.

3. Is she sleeping through yet?

Since she is only a few weeks old, let’s not even go there. And no I don’t want to know that your kids slept through from when they were two weeks old. Zip it!

4. I just had the BEST weekend

Please, tell me all about the relaxing time you had at the spa, or the fabulous dinner you had with all of your fabulous child-free friends. I’ll just sit here and leak some milk onto my top.

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5. At least you don’t have to work now

Yes, this is a piece of cake. It must be awful having a structured day, hot cups of coffee and a lunch hour. An HOUR for lunch?!

6. I’m sure my cough isn’t contagious

How about you keep your germs to yourself until you are 100% well. Same goes for your sniffly kids.

7. Enjoy every minute

Not sure it’s possible to enjoy EVERY minute, especially when so many of those minutes are spent changing my baby’s dirty nappies.

8. He is huge / he is so tiny!

I’m already worried about whether my baby is getting enough milk, or too much, and comments like this just feel like you are criticising me. Why not just try something we can all agree on like ‘isn’t he lovely!’

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