9 Experiences You Don’t Appreciate Until You’re A Parent

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Remember that gorgeous white shirt you used to own or those fabulous lazy mornings when you slept until 11am and then had brunch with your partner?

They are but a distant memory now for most parents, as is staying in your bed for the entire night without having to give one of your children room service.

9 Experiences You Don't Appreciate Until You're A Parent
We wouldn’t trade our children for all the coffee in Brazil. However, it’s not until you become a parent that you really appreciate the small things in life such as…

9 experiences you don’t truly appreciate until you became a parent:

1.Hot drinks

Back in the day it was commonplace for you to complain that your coffee or tea was in fact too hot to drink. Now days you have reheat it up to 12 times because it goes cold so often or you end up pouring it down the sink and making a new one.

2. White clothes

These days you wouldn’t dare wear an all-white ensemble for fear you’ll end up with spew and poo stains down your back. Oh crisp white work shirt how we miss you!

3. Feeling lonely

You used to spend your weekends or spare time catching up with friends and you’d felt bummed when you had nothing on. These days you just want to be alone and for as long as possible.

4. Being alone

Before I became a parent I wouldn’t have dreamed of sitting at a cafe or going to the movies by myself for fear of what others might think. Now I stare with envy at people sitting by themselves and jump at the chance of going to the movies solo.

9 Experiences You Don't Appreciate Until You're A Parent

5. The sound of silence

I remember thinking that my house was way too quiet so I’d blast my music so I wouldn’t have to hear myself breathing. Now I yearn for peace and quiet and silence, well maybe not silence because it usually means someone is drawing on the wall or trying to flush the cat down the loo.

6. Having nothing to do

What I wouldn’t give to be able to go back and time and tell my bored self to embrace the alone time, read more books or finally visit an Ice Bar. The thought of being bored or having nothing to do is such a foreign concept for most parents.

7. Eating out

Remember sharing plates of delicious hot curries with happy people who didn’t yell ‘yuk I hate this food mum it’s horrible’? When you’re a parent you pick a restaurant that opens at 5.30pm, has a kid’s zone and serves nuggets or spag bol.

8. Freedom

Wasn’t it great being able to do anything, anywhere and anytime? Now you have to plan your outings around sleeps, meals and instead of taking your handbag you load up your seven-seater car to the roof and take half of the contents of your house with you, including the kitchen sink, just because.

9. Exercising for fun

Doing a workout used to be something you did for fun and social reasons. Now it’s a necessary evil because your body shaped has changed and that pesky belly fat won’t budge without some serious commitment.

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