9 ways to survive the dreaded witching hour

Some mums would do almost anything to escape the dreaded witching hour, but for most of us we just have to battle through the dinner, bath and bed routine best we can.

There’s no rhyme or reason to why babies and children seem to go crazy from about 4-7pm at night, but one can only presume it’s because they’re as exhausted and cranky as we are after a long day.

9 Ways To Survive The Dreaded Witching Hour

Keeping your cool isn’t easy, especially if you’re juggling dinner, breastfeeding and doing a quick 10-minute cleanup just before your partner arrives home from work.

To help keep your sanity during those long and often lonely witching hours, we’ve come up with a few serious and a few tongue-in-cheek things you can do.

1. Offer breast or bottle

If your baby won’t seem to settle but they’ll give you some peace if you feed them, well go for it. Forget the schedule for now and feed as often as necessary because it might give you both some comfort.

2. Get outside and get active

walking with pram

I know we all get sick of hearing it but going outside and getting fresh air and getting those limbs moving really will help clear your mind. Put baby in a carrier, wrap or give them a lap around the block in their stroller.

3. Forget what you ‘should’ be doing

We mums are so hard on ourselves and worry about silly things including domestic chores and washing. Well, if you’re battling another witching hour, ditch all the things you ‘should’ be doing and get on the floor and hang with your baby or child, 9 times out of 10 they’ll calm their farm for a little while.

4. Have a bath

9 Ways To Survive The Dreaded Witching Hour

Jump in the tub with your baby or toddler and have some fun, it’s also a nice way to bond and often nice, warm water is soothing. For those with older kids, why not put some food colouring in the bath to make it more fun.

5. Don’t stress out

Often babies will cry during this arsenic hour for no reason and you find yourself getting anxious or worried something major is wrong. Just remember it won’t last forever and that others are probably going through the same thing.

Hint: If you’re at your wits’ end, send an SOS text or call a friend or family member and tell them you need to chat or a visit!

6. Turn on some white noise

Whether it’s the radio, TV or even the vacuum; turn on some white noise because apparently it replicates what it sounds like in the womb. It might also drown out those screams that are sending you MAD!

7. Pour milk down the sink

organic milk

Now this isn’t some spell or old wives’ tale, it’s simply a way for you to leave the house without an excuse and staying away for as long as you can. If your partner isn’t home, bung your baby and kids in the car and take the long way to the store and back with your music really loud!

Fact: Getting out and talking to other adults after a long day at home does wonders for your mental state.

8. Put yourself outside

If you can’t seem to keep it together and are at breaking point, remove yourself from the situation if it’s safe to do so and have a quick 2-minute swearing session at the washing line. I’ve been told silent screaming is a great way to get rid of some pent-up frustration.

9. Have a good cry

If you can’t beat ‘em, join em! Having a good cry really can help get rid of that pent-up stress and anxiety and once it’s out you’ll feel heaps better. However, you shouldn’t be so down in the dumps you can’t get yourself out of it, keep out for signs of postnatal depression.

I know we’re always told this but ‘this too shall pass’ and you might just have to dig a little deeper during witching hour, but we know you can do it!

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