Do you live in the A.C.T? Families are entitled to 2 years of FREE preschool

Do you have a 3 year old? Listen up!

The A.C.T government have announced they are offering families TWO YEARS of FREE early childhood education.

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development, Yvette Berry, announced the news on Tuesday, 31st July and it’s a great step for those in the A.C.T!

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2 years of free preschool for those in the A.C.T

As part of the A.C.T. Early Childhood Strategy (ECA), the initiative will see the government offer 15 hours per week of free universal early childhood education to 3 year old children. That’s 600 hours per year!

“Over the coming months I will have a conversation with parents, the early childhood education sector, schools and the wider community about how, and therefore when, the Government will be able to make this vital education opportunity universally available,” Berry said in her announcement.

Why is this happening?

Preschool education is particularly effective in reducing the opportunity gap, where some children would otherwise be at a disadvantage when they begin school.

This initiative also means that children with speech or language difficulties can be identified early and provided with extra support.

ECA CEO Samantha Page said, “High quality preschool programs, led by qualified early childhood teachers,, provide children with the opportunity to learn through play — developing their confidence in communication, collaboration and social skills and emotional regulation.”

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