Ali Maintains Her 10kg Weight Loss

Twelve months ago I began my journey to lose 10kg of baby weight and get healthy and fit with The Healthy Mummy plans!

Just over 12 months on and I have been in a few fun runs including the 15km Run for Kids and Tough Mudder.

I have kept my 10kg off mainly using the Healthy Mummy recipes and keeping up my running.

I just wanted to say thank you for creating these fantastic healthy eating and weight loss plans.

Ali Maintains Her 10kg Weight Loss


I really dislike weight loss diets because I don’t want to count points or calories.

When I lost my weight I was breast feeding my 3rd child and was so glad to find something safe in breastfeeding.

My anti low fat husband is also loving our new food and meals. I didn’t think he would eat quinoa and I was never going to get a lentil into him. But he is actually loving all the food.

This is a lifestyle change for us not a diet and I will be singing your praises to anyone who will listen!!!

Thank you Rhian and team for the inspiration and motivation to helping me be a better me!!!


Ali Pickles

Ali is also a midwife and you can read her review on our range here

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