‘I Will Always Come To Her’: The Heartbreaking Story Behind This Image

It’s not the first time we’ve come across a photo of a parent cuddled close to their unsettled infant.

But it is the first time we’ve come across an associated story so heartbreaking that it brought a tear (okay, a waterfall of tears) to our eyes. After reading WHY this woman climbed into her daughter’s cot, you will most likely be doing the exact same thing.

*Warning: Tear Jerking Content*

‘I Will Always Come to Her’: The Story Behind This Image Will Break Your Heart
Source: Dayna Mager Facebook

written by:

Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna traded in the cold mountain air for the laid back lifestyle of Australia nine years ago. She is now a mum to one son, one daughter, one dog and one cat, all of whom live with her and her partner in Cairns, QLD. When not writing about the ups and downs of parenting, she is usually outside doing some form of physical activity or indulging in a glass of antioxidant-infused fruit drink. Okay, it's wine.