Anaemic mum loses 37kg* after controlling her mood swings

This mum says not only did she feel extremely weak and moody after being told she was severely anaemic, but she also found she was craving junk food and chocolate!

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Anaemic mum loses 37kg after controlling her mood swings

Melinda Cleaver says after her fourth baby she had put on 37kg. And because she is anaemic, she was put on hormones by her doctor to stop her period and give her body a chance to get her iron levels up, but this just made her crave junk food.

“I found out I was anaemic after I nearly passed out one day and decided to go see a doctor,” she says.

“My mood swings were off the chart. I snapped at everyone over the smallest things and has zero patience. And I was craving junk food too, so this was making me feel even more moody.”

This spurred her to join The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, which she joined last year.

Since then, Melinda has lost an incredible 20kg and is feeling better than she did before.

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Anaemia occurs when there’s a lack of red blood cells, which carry oxygen, in the body. This in turn causes dizziness and low energy levels. Patients are recommended to keep their iron levels boosted.

Melinda is now turning to The Healthy Mummy Super Greens to help keep her iron and energy levels up.

“I need the energy! It’s been tough, and my hormones still make me want to scream at everyone but I’m pushing through,” she says.

“Besides my weight loss, The Healthy Mummy has changed my outlook on life. I’m positive, I’m really enjoying working out and I’m stronger and healthier than before.

“I also have a better understanding of my body too.”

That’s great to hear, Melinda! We hope you feel better soon.

Super Greens are LOADED with iron

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Super Greens is made in the laid-back NSW town of Byron Bay. It’s been put together using some of the world’s most incredible superfood ingredients.

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A snapshot of how powerful Super Greens is, this product…

  • has 56 more times the vitamin B12 of a beef steak.
  • contains the same calcium as three serves of cheese.
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  • has the vitamin C equivalent of 1.4kgs* of oranges.
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