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Angela Loses 9kg of Her Baby Weight

‘After having 2 little bubs babies in 24 months I didn’t think I would ever get back into my pre-baby clothes.

We moved into our new house (which was still a bit of a building site) the week before our 2nd bub was born.

I had managed to get rid of 13kg when my second bub was 6 months old but still had 7kg to go to get back to my pre baby weight and seemed to have plateaued.

It was getting me down because I could not fit into most of my clothes and was due to start back at my new job within weeks with nothing to wear.

Angela Loses 9kg
I bought the 28 Day Plan which I followed strictly and saw results straight away – I started losing at least a kilo a week.

I was really happy and after I finished the plan kept using the recipes from the site and my favourite ones from the plan.

I also bought the healthy mummy smoothies and found them great to have while feeding bub and keeping the toddler under control.

I found myself at a plateau again after I had lost about 4kg so thought I needed to pick up the pace.

I started going to local exercise sessions twice a week at 6am.

This did the trick and kick started my loss again. After two months I had lost a total of 6kg – only three to go!

I kept going and got to my goal weight a couple of months before the races but I didn’t try on the size 8 dress until the day of the races – it fit!

Our family favourites are the salmon nicoise and chicken and pear salads from the 28 Day Plan.

The meals are easy, quick and once you have the basics in your pantry and freezer the ingredients are easy to access (even if you live in the sticks).

I wish I had taken a decent before picture for my own motivation and taken measurements so I had a better record of how far I have come but I am so happy with the results and know I will keep the weight off for good as the new meals are part of my lifestyle now.

Thanks very much,

– Angela Faulkner

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