Become A 28 Day Challenge Support Squad & Get Paid $350


You now have the opportunity to become a 28 Day Challenge SUPPORT SQUAD MUM and get paid $350 CASH for it!!


3 mums will be picked once applications are received so BE QUICK

28 day challenge support squad

You will be MOTIVATING, SUPPORTING, INSPIRING mums in our community to stay SUPER on track over January

And for the 3 mums selected, it will be a GREAT chance to be ACCOUNTABLE and to have a real voice in the community

So if you are reading this and are interested in applying to become a support squad member for the January 28 Day Challenge, this is what is involved

Requirements & Accountability

  1. You will need to be really familiar with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and be an existing member
  2. You will need to be a really motivating person and be able to motivate other mums every day over the 28 day period
  3. You will need to INSPIRE all the mums following you over the month and support them
  4. You will need to be really confident on video as we would like you to do a video at LEAST EVERY OTHER DAY of you either making the Challenge food, doing some of the exercise or sharing some kind of great motivation to keep everyone inspired
  5. You will need to have a phone that is able to take good quality video and you must either have a tripod to record steady footage or have someone who can record for you
  6. You will need to post videos and photos of your Challenge food ad exercise to inspire and support other mums over the 28 Days
  7. You will need to have a daily presence in the group to help motivate and inspire all the other mums following you – this is a high accountability role for 28 days – so GREAT for keeping you accountable too

At the end of the 28 Days, if you have completed all of your daily tasks then you will receive $350 cash as a well done payment

How to apply

If this sounds like something you would like to do then please submit a VIDEO application to [email protected] and in this video please tell us

  • Tell us a bit about yourself – for eg, where you live, how many kids, where you are in life right now
  • Why you would like to do this
  • Tell us your favourite 28 Day Challenge food
  • If you have had great results on our plans please show a photo of your before and after pic in your video
  • Show us the exercises from the Challenge you like to do most

Ensure your video is great quality

Please ensure your video is great quality – ie non shaky, good lighting , good audio – this is an important consideration for us as when choosing the Support Squad we need video footage to be really good and clear for members to watch

We can’t wait to watch your entries x

28 day challenge support squad


Be part of our friendly and supportive community


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