Deadly Snake Found In Xmas Tree – Welcome To An Australian Christmas

A Melbourne woman has had quite the Christmas surprise when she found a tiger snake entwined in her Christmas tree. She escaped the room and shut the door behind her, calling the professionals to come and remove it. But not before she snapped a picture.

That Doesn’t Look Like Tinsel

After getting the fright of her life, a Frankston woman has composed herself enough to take a photo of the deadly tiger snake, wrapped around her tree like tinsel. She shut the snake in the room and called her local professional snake catcher, Barry Goldsmith.

“It’s one of the more different ones, but we find them in all sorts of places.“Tiger snakes are very good climbers,” he says.

Only In Straya

Only in Australia will you find a snake attempting to mimic tinsel on your Christmas tree. The place that’s home to some of the world’s most deadliest animals but you often find them living in the comfort of your own home.

Catcher Advises Others ‘Not To Be Hero’

Barry, who runs Snake Catcher Victoria, says the woman did the right thing by closing off the room and calling a professional.

He says all too often, people try to be a hero and capture the snake themselves and “it’s dangerous, it’s illegal, and it’s cruel.”

In this warmer weather, Barry says snakes are going to make themselves present.

His advises it’s best to leave them alone and call the professionals. And if you don’t know your local snake catcher, Google does.