Babies Born In 2030 Are Predicted To Live Longer – How Does Australia Rank In The World For Life Expectancy?

Our kids and grandkids will live longer than we will, as life expectancy will soon exceed 90 years in the next 15 years, scientists have predicted.

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How Australia Ranks

Researchers at the Imperial College London used age-specific death rates to calculate life expectancy at birth and at 65 years to make predictions for the future generations.

They found that baby boys born in Australia in 2030 can expect to live to 83.7 – four years more than babies born in 2010 – and Australian girls born in 2030 can expect to live until they are 87.57, say experts, five years more than the current predicted lifespan for Aussie women.

The study findings, which were published in The Lancet, looked at 35 developed nations and found that children born South Korea are expected to live longer than any other nation.

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Baby boys born in South Korea in 2030 are expected to live until 84.1 years, and baby girls who are born in 2030 are expected to live over 90 years of age.

Things like better nutrition, low smoking rates and better access to health care all contributed towards a longer life span.

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Six top countries where women born in 2030 are expected to live the longest:

South Korea: Over 90

France: 88.5

Japan: 88.4

Spain: 88.1

Switzerland: 87.7

Australia: 87.57

Six top countries where men born in 2030 are expected to live the longest:

South Korea: 84.1

Australia: 84

Switzerland: 83.9

Canada: 83.8

Netherlands: 83.7

New Zealand: 83.6

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