Six ways to get baby to sleep in eight minutes or less

There is absolutely nothing wrong with rocking, bouncing and feeding your baby (or toddler) to sleep. But if you are looking for sleep solutions, here are six tried and trusted methods that just might work for your infant.

The Right Time To Let Your Baby Sleep Alone

Sound sleep – no rocking, bouncing or feeding required

Every family has a different technique when it comes to putting their infant to sleep. Some babies fall asleep on their own while others need a little more help. In addition to our five baby sleep routines that mums swear by, have a look at these six sneaky tricks to help teach baby to self settle and sleep better.

1. The tissue trick

This video, posted by a father, has gone viral and it’s easy to see why. By simply using a piece of tissue paper, gently stroking his son’s face, the dad is able to get his son to sleep in just 40 seconds. It’s definitely worth a try!

2. The magical sleep doll

Lulla Doll is one of a kind and she has been an absolute life saver for many parents of infants, toddlers and even preschoolers. What makes Lulla so special is that inside her soft body is a device that imitates the real life heartbeat and breathing of a mother. And for eight blissful hours.

lulla doll sleep aid 3

Rather than having to cuddle your infant to sleep, you can rely on Lulla. Hopefully having Lulla’s heart beating beside bub all night will provide bub will the reassurance that you are close.

3. The scientifically proven bedtime book

Titled, The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, this book is so soothing it actually puts kids to sleep. Or so the author and several parents tell us. How does it work?

rabbit book seven sleep solutions

The book, written by a Swedish psychologist named Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin, uses a series of “powerful psychological techniques” to encourage drowsiness through language, sentence structure, highlighted print and ‘yawning’ at certain times in the story. Plus, it encourages reading in children. Double win!

4. The rocking bassinet

A cradle that rocks your baby to sleep? It does exist!

But if comes with a hefty price tag ($1600 USD) as well as the problem of getting it to Aussie shores. Designed by American paediatrician Dr Harvey Karp and created by Snoo, the bassinet gently rocks side-to-side and plays white noise to help soothe a fussy baby.


Combined with the clever Snoo sack (a swaddle that clips to the bassinet preventing bub from rolling over), the rocking motion is supposed to lull bub to sleep within minutes.

5. The most relaxing song in the history of ever

Some songs are designed to soothe you. And Weightless is certainly one of them.

Hailed as the most relaxing song in the world, neuroscientists at Mindlab International have confirmed that this song helps put babies to sleep, reduces anxiety and promotes drowsiness. The eight minute song combines low pitches, sounds from nature and manipulated instrumental tones to help lull anyone (including your little one) into a blissful sleep.

6. The colourful noise

White noise has been used as a sleep aid for years but sleep specialist Elizabeth Pantley recommends switching to pink noise.

Pink noise, according to Elizabeth, “is a variant of white noise that sounds deep, rich, and monotonous.” Sounds like a beating heart, ocean waves, the pitter patter of rainfall or the rustling of leaves on a tree all fall under the pink noise umbrella.

While there are a number of other ways to help teach bub to sleep, hopefully one of these tricks will help! Just remember, every baby is different. Finding a sleep solution that works for you and your family is what matters the most, regardless of whether this involves a book, a doll, a piece of tissue paper or anything else.

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