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I believe we all start out with the best intentions when it comes to breastfeeding, but the truth is it’s really hard and new mothers become very creative with reasons to give up this most natural thing we as mothers could ever do.

What To Expect When Your Breastmilk Comes In

The benefits are simply endless:

  • Preventing allergies to digestive problems and even reducing the risk of life long sinus infections it also improves your child’s speech and gum development.
  • For mum it reduces the risk breast cancer and helps you lose that baby weight along with providing us with a great way to truly bond with our little ones.

So why is it that only 17% of Australian mum’s are breastfeeding past 6 months?

So why do we give up?

It’s rarely because you don’t have enough milk or because you are painting the house and worried about the fumes; I’ve heard so many creative excuses. When in fact it’s more likely because you’re exhausted and it’s going to be the hardest thing you’ll ever do!

That’s the simply truth.

We as Mums need to start being really honest about the fact it’s hard, stressful, painful and exhausting.

We also need to be better equipped for the challenges we will face as new breastfeeding mums. For instance did you know that if your child is born more then a week before it’s due date chances are it hasn’t developed the fat pads in it’s cheek’s it needs to successfully suckle your milk?

Or that by simply squeezing your baby’s cheeks could stop this and make feeding work!

We need to be trained for breastfeeding, educated and we need to speak to real mum’s with real solutions and by sharing our challenges we can help improve the amount of breastfed babies and make the experience more realistic.

I always tell me friends that breastfeeding is like wearing in a new pair of fabulous high heels when you have never walked before.

Let’s start an honest conversation about breastfeeding

Because like learning to walk for the very first time in new pair of shoes, you need to take it slow, you need band-aids and you need to practice!

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