Body Image as a Mother

Body Image as a MotherI read some interesting information the other day about body image with young girls and how they are influenced by their mothers.

We as women often discuss our post-baby weight, how we need to lose weight and about how we wished we looked better. Often though, little ears are listening and we need to be careful in what message we pass on.

The trouble for us as mothers is that research does suggest that the body image of our children is linked to the way in which we openly perceive our own bodies.

I have had my hang-ups over the years. Maybe a few more after having babies. It is strange to see how different your body becomes. Although I was relatively young with my first, my body did not ‘snap’ back into place like everyone said it would. And with my second, life can just be so busy! An exercise and healthy eating plan are a definite must.

But I am conscious of the influence of my own body image on the way my daughters will perceive their own bodies. I need to set an example and become a positive role model for their own body image perceptions. In fact, I need to make a vow not to voice it internally or externally because I lucky, I have my health and so does my family.

So today I will write here, I vow to stop with self-deprecating comments about my own body. I vow to teach my girls that their bodies are their tool to explore and enjoy this world. They are strong and they are beautiful, fore mostly inside, and also out. And I need to take a note out of my own preaching book and believe in the last two sentences I just wrote, and believe it in myself.

So let’s get it out there.

  1. My tummy. It stretched so it could give life to two gorgeous, happy and healthy little girls. It is getting back to ‘normal’, whatever that is. With some love lines to remind me how lucky I am. So, I vow to love thy stomach and belly. It is beautiful and strong. And I will continue to work on being healthy so it continues to get stronger. I will become as fit as I can be and eat as well as I can.
  2. My boobs ….are not at their glory. I was lucky to be able and be able to breastfeed my girls. Not all mothers can and I feel truly blessed. But there is nothing that some good lingerie can’t do to fix that up. Plus an excuse to do a little shopping is my kind of excuse!
  3. My back is possibly a bit thicker and I think this is where the few lurking kilos are hanging. Strange place for them. But I vow to let it go and get on with doing some more exercise and getting out and getting strong again.
  4. I have dark circles under my eyes almost permanently. Sleep would be great but really isn’t in my control at the moment. Again, an excuse to do some makeup shopping is my kind of excuse. Plus I need to make sure I nourish my body as well as possible, especially with water.

There you are, they are out and gone. Those thoughts have exited my mind, never to be mentioned again. And if I do, you must chastise me.

We are strong women, we are healthy women and we are mothers. Fortunately and unfortunately it is our responsibility to help our children grow strong in their minds and bodies. Let’s help them with their own body images by loving ourselves first. Let’s make ourselves healthy inside and out.

Get out there and exercise and eat well. There are no two better ways which can help your body be at its best, including your mind.

For some help in achieving this balance you might like to try the Healthy Mummy Smoothie range, or even some tips and recipes from the 28 day Lose Baby Weight and Exercise Plan. to get you mind a body in a better space.



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