10 inventive ways to bond with your unborn baby

For some mums-to-be, bonding with their unborn baby comes naturally. Yet for others it is difficult to draw the connection between mother and child until their baby is in their arms.

10 Inventive Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby

For those who find that this connection just doesn’t come easily, please know you’re not alone. Here are some easy things you can try to help you bond with your unborn baby.

10 Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby

1. Massage

This is a great way to get daddy involved in bonding and a beautiful way to take the time to communicate with each other and your unborn child.

Use this as a nightly routine, using products that may help to prevent stretch marks if you wish. It’s also a great way for your baby to be able to feel and respond to your touch.

2. Touch

When we are pregnant we instinctively connect with our bumps through touch. Whether it be a protective hand resting over it or gentle rub to say hello.

Research has shown that your unborn baby can distinguish your touch from the touch of strangers after the 20-week mark. So be sure to start this communication early on in your pregnancy.

3. Music

Playing music to your unborn baby by placing head phones on your tummy is a fun way to watch your child interact with you. You will notice that baby often moves in response to the music you are playing.

Don’t feel like you need to limit this to only classical or lullabies. Introduce baby to your taste of music now, you never know, they may grow to have the same quirky tastes as you.

4. Swimming

Throughout all three of my pregnancies, swimming was my activity of choice. Not only did it give me some exercise and relief from the heaviness of pregnancy, I always noticed that my babies would calm down when we were in the water together.

As I swam laps I had no distractions and nothing to connect with but myself and my unborn baby. All of my children now adore the water too, a big positive for me!

10 Inventive Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby

5. Respond

When baby starts to make themselves known, be sure to respond to their kicks and pushes. Place something on your tummy and see if baby kicks it off. When they push you, give them a gentle nudge back.

6. Talking

From around the 20-week mark our babies are able to hear our heartbeats and recognise voices from within the womb. Speak with your baby, tell them about your day. Tell them your hopes and dreams for their future.

I used to speak with my babies a lot about how I would like our labour to unfold, asking them to work with me when the time came.

7. Nightly Connection

Each night include a wind down routine to connect with your child, maybe trying one of the above suggestions or something completely different. Make the time to tune in and be aware of your growing baby.

8. Photo Evidence

Posing for photographs is not for everyone. However, I had each of my pregnancies captured and I found it helped to ensure that I had a moment all about my growing and changing bump and the connection between baby, mum and dad. It has been a blessing to be able to look back on the photographs and show my children as well.

9. Stories

If you find it difficult to speak openly with your unborn baby don’t worry, you are not the only one. Instead of talking freely, read them a story. It can even be a book that you are reading yourself. Just let your baby hear your voice.

10. Light Show

A fun little game to play is peek-a-boo with a torch. Place the light on your tummy and watch your baby push it away. Move it to the other side and see them react. It is a great way to have some physical interaction between the two of you.

Most importantly, enjoy this time while baby is growing, pregnancy is beautiful and before you know it your baby will be in your arms.

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