Boy Bitten By A Deadly Funnel-Web Spider Needed 12 Vials Of Anti Venom

A ten-year-old boy who was bitten by a deadly funnel-web spider was administered 12 vials of antivenene to save his life.

Matthew Mitchell, from Berkeley Vale in the Central Coast, was helping his dad David clean up behind their shed in their backyard when he was bitten on the finger by a spider hidden in a shoe.

“It sort of clawed onto me and all the legs and everything crawled around my finger and I couldn’t get it off,” Matthew told the Daily Telegraph.

Matthew managed to shake the spider off before his dad came to his rescue.

“It landed a few feet away from me so I knew exactly what it was,” David says.

A compression bandage was made from Matthew’s t-shirt and he was rushed off to Gosford hospital.

Once there, Matthew’s eyes dilated, he started frothing from the mouth and he began having seizures. Doctors had to administer 12 vials of antivenin to save him.

Australian Reptile Park general manager Tim Faulkner told the publication that Matthew is ‘very lucky’ to be alive.

February and March is the peak breeding season and the recent rains and humid weather could be driving out male spiders, which are five times more venomous than females, reveals Tim.

Experts are warning parents to check any shoes, gardening gloves and washing that has been left out over night.

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