Caren Finishes Her Month As An Inspirational Mum To Be

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Caren is our Inspirational Mum to Be for May and she has been sharing her tips on enjoying a healthy pregnancy with healthy pregnancy eating and exercise. Here she updates us on her time as an Inspirational Mum To Be and how her healthy pregnancy is going:

Hi ladies! My name is Caren and I am the Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Inspirational Mum To Be for the month of May.

This is my final blog for the month and wow, what can I say about May? It has been such an exciting month for me! I was extremely honoured to be accepted as the Inspirational Mum To Be for May.

During the month, I have gotten to know a lot of you amazing ladies through the giving and receiving of advice on the Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Facebook Support Group and I feel like I have made some wonderful friends in the process. I got to see my little angel in 3D at my 19 week scan, and have experienced too many wonderful moments to mention.

Caren healthy pregnancy

A major milestone for me this month was the celebration of a work colleague’s wedding. When I was pregnant with my son, I did not exercise as much as I should, I ate twice as much food than I should have and I retained a lot of water. I felt like a big pudgy former version of myself. I was not confident, I had low self-esteem, I hid from mirrors and cameras and I did my best to stay in hiding for most of my pregnancy. I felt like I looked awful in everything I owned (that I could manage to squeeze into) and I really did not enjoy being pregnant as much as I should have. I rarely felt like a “glowing” happy pregnant woman.

When we were first invited to the wedding (very early on in my pregnancy) I had been quite anxious about what on earth I was going to wear (because let’s face it, the number of options a pregnant woman has for a black tie wedding are quite limited!) and was concerned that next to all of my gorgeous workmates and other guests at the wedding, I would look like I had borrowed a tent, waddled into the venue trying to not trip over my own feet in a mess of hot, sweaty, pregnancy hormones!

Caren healthy pregnancy

The day of the wedding arrived. I had bought a stunning dress online (it wasn’t even maternity!), I did my make-up, I had my hair styled by my gorgeous friend Deanna, and I have to say, I looked into the mirror and felt like I was on my way to the Oscars!

I was shocked to see staring back at me, a glowing, happy, confident woman. I honestly cannot believe the difference between this pregnancy and my last. It makes me a little sad to think back to how little I felt about myself the first time around. All it took was a little bit of time investing in myself, eating healthy, nutritious meals, and taking the time to do a little bit of exercise, to feel like a completely different woman.

Thanks to the amazing team at The Healthy Mummy, and the very special women of the pregnancy support group, I have had a wonderful first 22 weeks of pregnancy (except of course for the time spent hovering over the loo with morning sickness!) I feel stronger, healthier, happier and more confident than I ever have before.

The Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Eating and Exercise Guide have taught me so much, and the Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothies provide me with the goodness I need to fuel my baby and my body. The support group has absolutely changed my life. Every day I read comments and statuses of women in the group that blow my mind. I am so inspired by them, and learn so much from them and I only hope that I can help to contribute to doing the same for someone else.

Caren healthy pregnancy

There have been times where I have had difficulty seeing the numbers on the scales creep back up, especially when you go over a number that took you so, so, much hard work to get under. It is a real mental battle adjusting from going from a ‘post-pregnancy weight loss’ mentality, to a ‘healthy pregnancy weight gain’ mentality, but there is always someone there for you to remind you why you are doing this and what an amazing job we are all doing.

I know that I am only just over half way through this journey but I know with the support of the group and the fabulous Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothies team and products, the next 18 or so weeks will be just as amazing and when I feel tired, grumpy and not my best, all I will have to do is ask for a little bit of help and I will be flooded with an array of support and motivation and that is one of the things that makes the Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothies brand so unique and individual.

So I just wanted to say one more time, a huge thank you to Rhian, the Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Team, and the amazing mums and mums-to-be that support me every day. If there is anything I can do to help anyone else, all you need to do is ask, because I feel so blessed to have been given so much support, love and kindness through my journey so far.

Caren x

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