Charlotte’s Weight Loss Transformation

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My name’s Charlotte, I am 23 and mummy to two beautiful, troublemaking little girls, B, aged 3 (in 2 weeks *sob*) and T, aged 10 months. I have used the  28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan after the birth of B and lost 17kg+ using that amazing product.

Charlotte 12kgs weight loss

Since T’s birth in March 2014, I began my journey in June and did my first Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in July 2014. Now that was an amazing experience. The meals were versatile; the HIIT workouts were comfortable for being a new mum yet challenging enough to know they were working. I lose 3kg in my first challenge and have averaged approx 2kg loss for each challenge since.

After B was born I was 78kg, within 4 months I had lost 12kg using the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan. I was 74kg the day I started exercising again post T, at 8 weeks post partum in June 2014. My goals have been 70, 65 and now I am aiming for 60.

I was hoping to be 60kg by my wedding in April *squeal* and would be absolutely ecstatic if I got below that. I am now 62.5kg and have been fluttering between 62.5 and 62 for the last two weeks. My main aim is to just feel confident, sexy and like myself for the big day and in the long run, to just have the energy and fitness to be able to keep up with my two little whirlwinds who struggle to remain still.

Since my start in June 2014 I have lost 12kg using the 28 Day Challenges and the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan. Both which are customisable around my tastes, my family’s tastes and even takes in to account if we are going out or having leftovers and how many people need to be serves each meal and snack.

The virtual shopping list is generated from what I have put in to our meal plan. If we are having a slow cash flow week I can alter the menu plan to use what is in the house to reduce the amount spent on groceries. We averaged around $100 groceries a week and this included general household items.


The longer I stay on the The Healthy Mummy Plans and even on the Facebook Page, the more I learn that my body is beautiful and I can rock my stretch marks and milk filled boobs proudly.

On that note, the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, are absolutely to die for. I notice an increase in my energy, my general health and my milk supply by having one smoothie a day. They are quick, easy and delicious and are definitely worth every cent. My favourite is the Spring Clean Smoothie which both my daughters love too.

This is a lifestyle change. An amazing one at that, and the opportunity needs to be grasped with both hands and not taken for granted.

I look forward to writing my next blog update and talking to you throughout the month on the facebook page, my instagram (charleyalekz) and you can catch some of my favourite recipes being pinned on my pinterest page (Charlotte Labrum).

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