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Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Common Weight Loss MistakesNew year = new you, right? We all tend to make plans to shift the kilos when the calendar switches over to January.

But at The Healthy Mummy and on our plans, we understand that weight loss is a tricky game – approach your weight loss and healthy eating plan in the wrong way, and you could find yourself piling on the kilos, rather than shedding them.

We are far too hard on ourselves – and this only sets us up to fail. If you want to shift the weight, you need to know about the most common mistakes that people make when starting a new weight loss plan – so that you can avoid them.

All or Nothing

It can feel like a momentous decision to finally decide that you’re going to change your life and lose weight. As such, you want to change everything you possibly can – you want to cut the calories and embark on a punishing gym regime. But chances are, trying to do much at once will inevitably end with you not being able to do anything at all – it will get too tough too quickly and you may just quit.

So What Can I Do?

Don’t try to overhaul your entire life at once! Remember that if you were trying to make any other change, such as redecorating your house, for example, you wouldn’t try to paint the walls, add new carpets and put in a new bathroom suite all in one day. The same goes for your weight loss. Take things slow and steady and you’ll win the race. Change one thing at a time – firstly, your eating habits, then get your exercise regime sorted. Add little bits of exercise in at a time or make small food changes here and there to build up to a healthy lifestyle regime.

I’m Just on a Diet

Many people approach a weight loss regime with the mind-set that they are going on a diet. Going on a diet tends to mean that when you lose the weight and get down to your goal, you come off the diet. For a while, you might stick to eating healthily – but after a few months, you might find yourself thinking “I’m thin now, I can eat cake” – but the problem with this is that one cake (or takeaway) turns into you going back to your old ways of unhealthy eating, which could lead to you putting all the weight back on.

So What Can I Do?

Remember that you’re not on a diet. You’re eating healthily  (which is the basis of the Healthy Mummy Plans)– not just to lose weight, but to become healthier, fitter and stronger for life, not just until you get to your goal weight.

I Can’t Eat That

Weight loss plans can be a little bit depressing – many of us make the huge mistake of believing that to lose weight, we must cut out everything that we love. As such, eating healthily turns into a chore – and we are much more likely to pig out on our favourite foods when we do get a chance to eat them. If you want to stick to your healthy eating plan, and you want to stick to it for the long term, you should not cut out your favourite foods. Instead, you should be embracing them – the difference is that you need to learn to eat them in moderation. You do need to eat healthily, but you can’t cut out everything you love – that in itself isn’t healthy.

So What Can I Do?

Learn to eat your favourite foods in moderation. Like a glass of wine? Buy your wine in small one glass bottles, or divide it up into bottles when you buy it so that your wine is portion controlled. Love chocolate? Buy kid-sized bars at the supermarket to keep the calorie count low. The key to losing weight is to enjoy a wide range of food – but to enjoy it in moderation. Restrict your calories, yes, but don’t forget that you need to enjoy your life – and you can see how our Healthy Mummy plans can help you here

I Had A Bad Day…

It can be very tempting to throw the diet out of the window when you have one bad day or if you make one mistake. Healthy eating can be a little bit tough to stick to, which means that when you make one mistake, it can be very tempting to think “I’ve had a bad day… I guess I can eat that chocolate bar now”.

This type of thinking is seriously destructive and it’s also not a particularly helpful way to think, especially if you’re trying to lose weight as it can easily cause you to gain weight, rather than lose weight – which can lead to a cycle of eating badly, gaining weight, eating well to lose weight, making a mistake and then back to eating badly again.

So What Can I Do?

Accept that you’re human! We all make mistakes. The mind-set that you need to have is “So what?” If you ate a chocolate bar, big deal! Did you enjoy it? That’s what it’s about! Accept that you ate a chocolate bar and factor it into your calories for the rest of the day. Maybe do a little extra exercise to work the extra calories off. Don’t worry about it – in the grand scheme of things, a few mistakes here and there won’t stop you from losing weight.

If you are ready to lose weight then The Healthy Mummy plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe if you are breastfeeding.

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