Dad Accidentally Captures His Wife’s Home Birth On Camera

A photographer and father-to-be, Martin Boyce, has accidentally captured the home birth of his daughter on film. He even helped deliver his daughter!

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When Holly Dawson started having contractions she thought she was only in the early stages of labour. Martin decided to set up his camera to record the labour process. They soon realised the baby wasn’t in the mood for waiting and this was going to be a home birth. They captured the whole experience on film.

With his Mother-in-law (a nurse herself) on the phone to a midwife, the room seems rather calm as Holly starts pushing. As soon as he sees the head, Martin shouts ‘Oh! A baby! Oh my God! Oh my God!’

An Extraordinary Experience

For a Father to be able to help birth his own child must be an AMAZING experience. But to capture it on film as well, that’s beautifully rare. The proud parents are so calm throughout the whole experience, you can sense the love in the room in that moment. It gave us all goosebumps watching it.

Baby Isobelle

Lucky Holly’s mother was present in that moment, as baby Isobelle took a while to move and cry after being born. Couple that with a low temperature and she was taken to hospital for monitoring. Martin says “I could not have done it without my mum and Holly’s mother Sharon has been amazing as well. “I certainly won’t forget the birth of our first child.”

Baby Isobelle was born at at 4.32am, weighing 7lbs 12 oz and was back home with her doting parents when the Dr. gave her the all clear.

What an AMAZING experience! Congratulations to the happy family.


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