What The Colour Of Your Urine Means For Your Health

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A trip to the loo might not seem like an important part of your day, but the colour of your urine can actually tell you a fair bit about your health. So next time you wee have a peek at the colour before you flush and take a look at The Healthy Mummy’s guide to what it all means.

Dark Yellow, Clear…What Does The Colour Of Your Urine Mean

Bright yellow, clear, smelly – what’s normal and what isn’t when it comes to your wee?

Here’s a rundown on what the colour of your urine can tell you about your health

via Urine Colors.

Dark Yellow Urine

This usually means that you aren’t drinking enough water – naughty, naughty! The reason your urine turns a dark shade of yellow is due to a higher concentration of waste, and it may also smell stronger.

There are also some foods that can make your wee dark yellow, with a stronger odour, including asparagus.

Importantly, there are some illnesses that can cause darker urine, so make sure you check in with your doctor if you’re worried.

Light Yellow Urine

According to Urine Colors, this is what we should be aiming for. Light, straw-coloured urine without much smell, few bubbles and little to no foam is considered very healthy.

Of course, just because you have light-coloured urine isn’t an indicator that you are completely healthy. Consult your doctor if you have any other medical concerns, including having difficulty or experiencing pain urinating or weeing more than usual.

Clear Urine

While having crystal clear urine can mean you’re perfectly healthy, it can actually be an indicator of health problems. As we just discussed, straw yellow urine is what we’re aiming for.

Clear wee can mean you’re well hydrated, but it could also mean you’re over-hydrated, or even point to diabetes.

Other indicators of diabetes can be increased thirst and urination, but make sure you consult your doctor if you are concerned.

Red Urine

There are quite a few things that can turn your wee red, including eating beetroot, blackberries and rhubarb.

There’s also a really serious reason your urine could be red, and that’s because it may contain blood. If you spot blood in your urine visit your doctor immediately.

A host of medications can also cause red urine, so take note of what you have consumed.

Black Urine

While you’d rightly be concerned if you noticed black urine in the toilet, there are a host of reasons this may happen.

There are foods (things like rhubarb and fava beans), medicines and health-related issues that can cause black urine.

As this one is a bit unusual, it’s recommended you do chat to your doctor just to be on the safe side.

What The Colour Of Your Urine Means For Your Health

Green Urine

Again, something you have eaten is the most likely cause of green wee. Asparagus could once again be the culprit, and there are artificial colours that can also be the cause – even liquorice.

There are some medicines that can also cause green urine, but there aren’t many illnesses that can cause this. Urine Colors says a urinary tract infection could cause a greenish tinge.

Orange Urine

Eating a bunch of blackberries, beetroots or rhubarb can lead to orange wee. However, there are also some serious health concerns that could be the cause, including dehydration and jaundice.

Pink Urine

Take note of what you’re putting in your mouth, things with red food colouring can lead to pink pee.

Of course, blood in your urine can also be the cause, which could indicate kidney, prostate or bladder problems. In this instance make sure you get checked out by your doctor.

Blue Urine

We kid you not, your wee can actually turn blue. Once again, have a think about what you have eaten throughout the day.

If your urine is pale blue it’s most likely because you’ve eaten something with a high concentration of blue dye, or certain medications.

As we’ve mentioned, if there is anything that’s concerning you about the colour, consistency or smell of your urine, make sure you pay a visit to your doctor.

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