Weight Loss

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Food?

One of the keys to losing weight successfully and having a healthy lifestyle is learning to have a healthy relationship with food.

emotional eating

Some of the causes of weight gain are due to the unhealthy relationship we have with food such as:

  • Emotional eating
  • Binge eating
  • Yo yo dieting
  • Rapid ineffective weight loss
  • Fad diets
  • Starving

All of these lead to a cycle of negative association with food and also a cycle of dieting with no long lasting results.

We all need to remember the simple quote of Hippocrates in which Food is thy medicine. And really it is.

Food is your fuel in life and we need to eat to survive, grow and flourish. We often talk to our kids about this but do not practice it ourselves.

Food is of course other things as well. It is culture and celebration. These two meanings to food are also part of a healthy lifestyle; they encompass the idea of moderation.

The reason why I am writing about this is because the other day I had an ‘Ah ha’ moment for my own healthy eating journey. I do know a bit about food. It is my work. But food for me is also entangled in emotion and this is something I am trying to deal with.

Last week I caught myself in the cupboard scoffing some pretty boring Marie Claire biscuits. I wanted a sugar hit as I was p*&sed off after a ‘discussion’ with a friend. Although it sounds pretty comical really, a grown woman hiding in a pantry pounding the biscuits down her throat, it in fact is a pretty sad sight too.

I obviously have an issue that when I am upset I eat. How this occurred? I don’t know. But it is something I need to deal with and transform as it is not a healthy association with food that I want to pass to my daughters.

Don’t get me wrong, having a luscious chocolate mud cake celebrating a friend’s birthday with a group of people is a celebration to be celebrated and culturally we do that with cake. This is when we should eat cake. Not in the car after visiting a drive thru and madly eating a chocolate brownie in a car park. How is this a celebration of food or occasion?!

Healthy eating is a combination of choosing healthy foods and mentally enjoying the food that you eat.

Think about the food that you are eating.

Would you let your kids eat it, often?

How does the food make you feel?

Do you really enjoy eating this ‘said’ piece of food?

Some ways to deal with these negative associations with food is when you feel that rush or determination to drive to the petrol station for a packet of chips, or eat a whole chocolate bar is to ask yourself,

“What am I really feeling? Why do I feel like this? How can fill this void with something else? Will I feel better after binging on this burger?”

Even by allowing yourself the time to think about something else may help you solve the real issue behind this negative association.

Remember that you are what you eat and we want you to feel good on the inside and outside. Of course when you are mum, it feels like you have no time to think about your own health or food. By reading this and being actively part of the Healthy Mummy community you do want to be healthy.

So feel it, believe in yourself and do it. Because you are the only one responsible for what you eat and how you feel.

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