Sick of bathing kids EVERY day? Here are 5 reasons you don’t need to!

From the moment our babies are born it is embedded into our daily routines to bath our children as a part of their settling down for sleep. With midwives showing us how to bath a newborn even before we leave the hospital.

Parenting experts even suggest dads use this time to bond on a nightly basis with their children. But do we really need to bath them EVERY day? Apparently not!

kids don't need bath every day

In fact research has shown that a little dirt won’t hurt, but too much cleanliness might.

While maintaining your child’s hygiene and odour is important and a good wash is needed a child has been playing in mud, covered in food or sweat.

However, bathing every single day can cause more damage to their delicate skin than good.

At The Healthy Mummy we are beginning to lean towards the less bath theory. As our towel washing builds up, our children still scream and complain to get in the bath and… well, we just couldn’t be overly bothered.

5 reasons why kids don’t need to bath every day

1. Sensitive skin

We often attempt to soothe sensitive skin with a wash and moisturise. However, the daily bath with soaps and water can strip the skin of its natural oils. Causing the skin to dry out which can lead to skin conditions such as eczema or itchiness.

2. Immunity

As previously said, a little dirt won’t hurt. In fact our society has become so obsessed with cleanliness, with constant use of hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes and avoiding children becoming dirty that we are beginning to industrialise. Causing our immune systems to become weaker than in the past.

Without the introduction to typical and normal dirt and bacteria, we are prohibiting our children’s bodies their natural immune response to his environment.

kids don't need bath every day

3. Toxic chemicals

Besides lowering our immune system, this constant cleanliness is introducing our children’s bodies to unnecessary nasty chemicals. Especially found in that little bottle of hand sanitiser you carry in your nappy bag, contains triclosan, a harmful hormone disruptor.

4. Less “should-ing”

As parents we’ve so much pressure on ourselves about what we should be doing every day. So without the need to bath, we can focus more on what we should be doing and less on what we think we should be doing.

Let’s form a movement, a less parenting should-ing and pressure, and more enjoyment.

Read 7 more reasons why you can take a day off from should-ing.

5. Less washing

Not only will it help save your sanity by relieving an unnecessary pressure, it will also provide you with the miracle that is less washing!

And couldn’t we all deal with a little less laundry?

Take advantage mums! Take a load off, because the American Academy of Peadatrics recommendation is newborns to only be bathed once a week. While 6 to 11-year-olds only need 3 baths (or showers) a week.


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