Drinking Two Sugary Drinks A Day Is As Bad As Smoking, Claim Experts

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Feeling thirsty? Then you may want to avoid quenching your thirst with a big glass of fizzy drink. In fact, health wise, it’s actually on par as smoking a cigarette, say leading scientists!

Sugar in food

The secret to eternal youth

Biologist Dr Elizabeth Blackburn and health psychologist Dr Elissa Epel claim the potent sugar concoction in fizzy drinks accelerates ageing in your chromosomes. 

“You can trust us when we say this. We’ve devoted years to discovering how to slow life’s clock and the ageing process – inside and out,” they told the MailOnline.

“Our scrupulous research, which has generated a whole new field of scientific understanding, has helped us pinpoint how you can glow with health and youth when your contemporaries are succumbing to wrinkles, grey hair, exhaustion and illness. It adds up to a revolution of sorts.”

Look after yourself

dna strand

According to them, the longer you protect the cells at the end of your DNA string, which are called ‘telomeres’, the more youthful you will be.

“Telomeres offer a priceless insight into the foods that are best for us,” they add. 

“They show how our body responds to what we eat at a micro-biological level. So it’s crucial that we consider our telomeres when we’re deciding what to eat.” 


Deadly habit

The pair examined people who drank two cans of soft drinks a day, and found that their telomeres were around 4.6 years older than those who avoid sugary drinks. This is said to be the same effects of those who smoke!

Interestingly, their findings also reveal that being slightly overweight isn’t linked to ageing – but it’s not good for your overall health.


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