Could Eating Vegemite Boost Your Brain Power And Prevent Dementia?

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Love it or hate it, one study suggests eating Marmite every day could potentially help boost your brain power and prevent you from getting dementia. Does this mean that Vegemite also has the same brain boosting effects?

An isolated jar of Marmite yeast extract spread
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York University psychologists found that eating Marmite could help to boost our brain activity and perhaps help fight dementia. 

The Study

Scientists found that participants who consumed a teaspoon of Marmite every day for a month displayed a 30 per cent decrease in their brains’ response to visual patterns.

Vegemite on Toast
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In the study, 28 people were given Marmite (even though some of them weren’t fans of the taste). Others were given peanut butter.

After a month of consuming the spread, their brains were measured using electroencephalogram (EEG) scans to see what their response was to watching flickering images on a screen.

The test measured their “brain cell excitability” in the visual cortex area.

Dr. Daniel Baker, Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and senior author of the paper concluded that the participants that ate Marmite were found to have “less excitable neurons”.

“I suppose you could say it calmed the brain, and we think this is because the B12 vitamin in Marmite fuels production of GABA. Dr Daniel Baker told the Daily Mail.

Marmite and toast
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We suspected this beforehand, which is why we performed the study. We wanted to find a food that boosts the brain’s main neurotransmitter.” 

Dr. Daniel Baker says, “Deficiencies in it have been linked with a host of neurological disorders. Even dementia.”

Anika Smith, first author of the study explains, “These results suggest dietary choices can affect the cortical processes of excitation and inhibition – consistent with increased levels of GABA.”

According to Anika, this is key in healthy brain function.

Researchers believe more studies of the effects of B12 could help prevent seizures in epilepsy and also lead to a treatment for dementia.

B12 can also be found in meat and cheese.

So What About Vegemite?

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There is no doubt there are INCREDIBLE similarities between Marmite and Vegemite (we like to think of them as cousins)!

Just like Marmite, Salt Reduced Vegemite contains vitamin B12. In fact, every 5g (which is the recommended serving size) of Salt Reduced Vegemite contains 25 per cent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B12.

It also contains 25 per cent of the recommend daily intake of vitamin B2, B3 and B6. Not to mention 50 per cent of the recommend daily intake of vitamin B9 (otherwise known as folate).  

Every 5g of Marmite also contains 25 per cent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B12.

Therefore, here at Healthy Mummy H.Q we are left to wonder could eating vegemite every day also boost help our brain power and prevent dementia?

Of course, we have to leave that to the experts! However, we look forward to reading further health-related studies regarding to the iconic Australian spread!

Please note: Regular Vegemite does not contain B12. 

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