Families have around 260 rows every year – messiness is the most common reason

Do you argue with your family over how unclean and messy the house is?

It turns out, you’re not alone if you do.

A new study has found that households have, on average, around 260 arguments each year and the most common fall-out is over messiness!

messy kids bedroom

The majority of families argue about house mess

2,000 people took part in a poll by UK energy company Smart Energy GB. The survey found that the popular reason families fall out is down to mess.

It seems people living together argue about things like leaving clothes on the floor to dirty dishes or toys on the floor.

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What’s more, those in the study revealed they also fall out over ‘eco’ issues, such as not turning off lights or wasting food.

11% of those in the survey admitted they were unhappy with how long family members took in the bath or shower.

10% argued about who should load or unloads the dishwasher and it seems people also disagree over leaving toilet seats up or not taking out the garbage.

Families have around 260 rows every year - messiness is the most common reason

“It’s great to see so much passion and consideration when it comes to energy saving and sustainability amongst modern families,” says Robert Cheesewright, of Smart Energy.

“We are facing a climate crisis, but fortunately there are lots of small changes households can make to help, and getting a smart meter is one easy option.

“A smart meter is the first step towards taking control of our energy usage, reducing waste and upgrading our energy system to pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.”

MESSY people are more INTELLIGENT and CREATIVE, study finds

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