FAMILY – not friends – help you LIVE LONGER, study finds

Many of us are searching for the secret to living to a ripe old age. And it seems scientists have finally found the answer.

The key to living a long life is down to having a loving and supportive family.

FAMILY - not friends - helps you LIVE LONGER, study finds

Family is the key to living a long life, study finds

According to a study by experts at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health, family – not friends – can help you live a longer life.

3,000 participants aged between 57 to 85 were asked to list their five closest confidants. On average, they reported to having at least 3 close family members in their lives.

Researchers then tracked how long these participants lived and found that those with more close family members were more likely to reach an older age.

FAMILY - not friends - helps you LIVE LONGER, study finds

Those with ‘extremely close’ family members had a 6% risk of morality over the next 5 years compared to those with a 14% of mortality with no close family members.

“Because you can choose your friends, you might, therefore, expect that relationships with friends would be more important for mortality, since you might be better able to customise your friend network to meet your specific needs,” says co-author James Iveniuk.

“But that account isn’t supported by the data. It is the people who in some sense you cannot choose, and who also have little choice about choosing you, who seem to provide the greatest benefit to longevity.

Meanwhile, marriage appeared to also have a positive effects on living longer.

Iveniuk adds: “The presence of a marital bond may be more important for longevity than certain aspects of the bond itself.”

The MORE kids a woman has, the slower she will age and the LONGER she will LIVE!

STUDY confirms grandparents who babysit may live longer!

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