Yoga Family Takes Posing For Photos To A Whole New Level

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Children often learn by watching mum and this is definitely the case for five-year-old Oakley and two-year-old Felicity, who may be the cutest and youngest yoga sensations to hit Instagram.

These family yoga poses are turning heads around the world and, once you have a look at their incredible photos, it’s easy to see why!

Families that pose together, stay together

Welcome to the next generation of stress reduction – family yoga! Ultra-bendy Charity Grace LeBlanc and her two adorable (and equally bendy) children, Oakley and Felicity, are at the forefront of this new trend.

Pairing classic yoga poses with matching outfits, the trio are paving the way for family fun fitness.

And we love it!

Family fitness done right

Like many mums, when Charity had her son, she found that incorporating exercise into her daily routine wasn’t exactly easy with a young bub at home.

“I started after I had my son to ease back into fitness and continued through my pregnancy with my daughter,” Charity tells The Healthy Mummy.

I began by practising a little everyday at home since my children were so little it was hard to make it out to a studio class.”

Watching their mum do yoga everyday certainly rubbed off on Oakley and Felicity (whom Charity adorably calls City). Charity tells us that her two kids started mimicking her as soon as they were strong enough to try the poses.

From there the Florida mum looked for ways to include her kids in her exercise routine.

“I started incorporating them slowly and gently,” Charity explains.

#Familyyoga sweeps through social media

Now the trio love their yoga routine and trying out new poses. Charity shares their unique routines online with the aim to help other families get fit through family fitness.

“The [kids] love it and I love all the time we spend together and the bonding we form by working together to accomplish our goals!”

With over 85,000 followers on Instagram and a popular YouTube channel, Charity, Oakley and City certainly prove that family fitness is completely possible.

And the ultra trendy matching outfits are just an added bonus!

This isn’t the first time parents have combined parenting with yoga. Last year we featured a woman who not only rocked the classic yoga poses, but did so while breastfeeding (take a look right here).

If you are a fan of yoga, check out this month’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which features over 350 different exercises, (including many yoga-esque exercises) to incorporate into your daily parenting routine.

Thanks to Charity for letting us share her inspirational story and incredible images.

We can’t wait to see what the trio come up with as they continue to expand their exercise regime!

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