How To Fill Up Hungry Little Bellies The Healthy Way

Do your kids seem to be hungry all the time? Are they constantly snacking or asking for something to eat?

If this is the case, here are some simple and healthy ways to try to fill them up so that they feel fuller for longer (and stop raiding the pantry).

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6 foods that are guaranteed to keep kids’ tummies fuller for longer

1. Coconut oil

This is a ‘good fat’ and helps fill the gaps in a hungry tummy. You can add a teaspoon to your family batch of porridge in the morning, and the taste is very mild so nobody will notice. You can also try using it in your cooking as another alternative to olive oil, for instance when you cook a stir fry.  Many yummy bliss ball snacks are made with coconut too and most kids will not say not to a bliss ball.

2. Nuts

Adding nuts to meals (such as adding cashews to your favourite Stir Fry) or having some as a snack (like this Healthy Trail Mix) will help keep hunger pains at bay. You can also pop a handful in a kid-friendly smoothie for breakfast, or in a Banana Bread.

3. Eggs

Kids Breakfast

Whether it’s scrambled for breakfast, or a boiled egg as a snack, eggs are a great protein source. Think about how you feel after eating a boiled egg compared to say 10 rice crackers. The crackers taste good but don’t give you that fullness that the high protein egg will.

4. Oats

There is something so comforting about porridge for breakfast, and it could just be that nice full feeling that you get from eating them. Unlike most commercial cereals, oats are not full of sugar and can be prepared simply in less than five minutes. Sprinkle some blueberries or nuts on top, add a dollop of yoghurt, and you’ve got a nutritious, wholesome breakfast that will keep the kids full and focused for the morning.

5. Wholegrains

Another simple swap is to trade in the white flour, white pasta, white bread and white rice for the brown/wholegrain varieties. Keep your healthy toppings the same, and the kids shouldn’t kick up too much of a fuss.  If you’d love more recipes for healthy meals and snacks that the kids will love, check out our Healthy Kids Cookbook here.

6. Smoothies

How To Fill Up Hungry Little Bellies

Instead of juice, try giving your child a healthy smoothie for a snack or to enjoy with their breakfast. This way you can add in some fruit for fibre (such as a banana), some oats, a handful of nuts or peanut butter (for protein), plus some calcium from your milk of choice. We love this Strawberry and Watermelon Smoothie for kids, but really anything goes so use whatever you have on hand.

Keep it real

As a general rule, just try to keep the food that the kids (and you!) eat as close to nature as possible. If a product has been overly processed and contains many ingredients, there is a good chance it won’t keep you as full and satisfied as something in its natural state.

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