How this photograph changed mum’s life FOREVER: ‘I was saddened & ashamed’

This photograph was a turning point in this mum’s life.

While most people look back with fond memories when they look at old snaps, Nicola Oates says she was “saddened, embarrassed and terribly ashamed.”

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Nicola says this photograph changed her life. Source: Supplied

‘I could barely recognise myself’

Nicola says: “As soon as I saw that photo, I hated it. I couldn’t believe who I was seeing and how big I had become. I could barely recognise myself. It upset me so much that I cropped myself out of it when I posted it to Facebook so my friends couldn’t see me.”

The mum-of-two says it was then she realised it was time to do something and lose the weight. She then discovered The Healthy Mummy via the Facebook support groups.

“I deserved better, my family and my husband deserved better,” she says. “I bought a tub of smoothie mix and started having two a day, a healthy dinner and daily exercise and soon it came my new normal.

“I have lost 15.2kg, which is the same weight as my two and a half year old son that I am holding in the pic.”

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Nicola has lost 15.2kg since December. Source: Supplied

‘Everything has changed’

Nicola says that it wasn’t just her weight that has changed in the last three months, but her whole perspective on food.

“Rather than eating for comfort or because of boredom, food is fuel for my body to be at its best. I enjoy walking with my family and being a positive role model for my children, who look forward to our daily exercises,” she says.

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Nicola looks great! Source: Supplied

“With help from the recipes on the website and ebooks, this has been the easiest and best thing I have ever done for my health and wellbeing.

“I am happier, healthier and a better mum and wife for it. My journey is far from over, but I can see the differences and know the efforts are all worth it. I can do this, and so can you.”

Wow! Nicola, you look fantastic! What an achievement in such a small amount of time too.

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