Ginger Spice Credits Yoga For Helping Her Conceive Naturally At 44: ‘I See It As A Miracle’

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She’s recently welcomed her son Montague George Hector Horner into the world, and Geri Honer says she feels “lucky” to have been able to conceive him naturally at 44.

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In an interview with The Sunday Times, the self-confessed fitness buff – who also goes by her maiden name, Geri Halliwell – reveals she didn’t need help any medical help in order to get pregnant.

Former Spice Girl @GeriHalliwell tells us about pregnancy at 44, and how yoga got her through it……

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Miracle baby

“I feel incredibly lucky to have conceived naturally at my age, 44,” she says.

“I see it as a miracle. Trust me, I can still moan like the rest them but, equally, I remind myself every day that this is an absolute gift.”

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Was it all thanks to downward facing dog?

In fact, the former Spice Girl credits yoga for helping her deal with her pregnancy.


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“I found Iyengar yoga, which I have practised for several years, to be really helpful,” she adds.

“I really like the pose when you are on all fours and you wiggle your hips.

“My husband always laughs at me when I do that, he says it looks like a flirty dog, but it is really releasing.”

Preggie yoga ?

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Montague George Hector is Geri’s first child with her husband Christian Horner. She is already mum to her 10-year-old daughter Bluebell, whose father is screenwriter Sacha Gervasi. Christian also has daughter Olivia, three, from a previous marriage.

We love yoga at The Healthy Mummy, so what a great way to fall pregnant!

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