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The Healthy Mummy wants to know…R U OK?


R U OK? Day is our national day of action, but any day’s a good day to ask “are you ok?” and have a meaningful conversation with friends, families, colleagues and anyone who might be struggling.

You don’t need to be an expert, nor do you have to fix or solve someone’s problems. You just need to ask how they’re going; listen without judgement; encourage action; and follow up.

Here at The Healthy Mummy we know first hand the negative effect excess weight can have on many women’s self esteem and mental health. Victoria “LadyVex” was kind enough to share with us how her weight loss benefited her physical and mental health.


“A year ago I reached that snap moment when I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and my health became the most important thing for a while.  I had to put me first before it became too late.”  

You can read her full inspiring story here 

So today we want to start the conversation…

R U OK? Really?

It’s OK to say that you are not OK! Today just might be the day to reach out and get the support you really need.

Need some extra support? For confidential advice and support 24/7 call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 (Australia only).

Other places to find help are here:


written by:

Michelle Thompson-Laing

Michelle lives in Sydney with her three gorgeous little boys and her equally lovely husband. When she's not writing, Michelle can be found knee deep in laundry or attempting to shower alone. She can't live without lists, tea, girlfriends and a bit of chocolate each day. Michelle loves sharing all things organisation; from home hacks to budget tips. Her motto is organise, declutter and simplify your home, family and finances for life.