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Heather’s 9kg Weight Loss

Hi Healthy Mummy team,

I am really excited and feeling great. I was at 88.8kgs when I started the healthy mummy plans and I’ve lost a total of 9.2kgs and as of today and it’s the first time I’ve been in the 70’s since before I was pregnant with my 3 year old.

I am so happy with your healthy mummy products and have been advocating them to anyone that will listen. The healthy mummy range suits my lifestyle perfectly.

Heather's 9kg Weight Loss

My measurements:

  • Bust 97 cm
  • Waist 95 cm
  • Thigh 63 cm
  • Hips 98 cm
  • Weight 81.4kgs

I simply love my strawberry healthy mummy smoothie for lunch. I make it up with blueberries, strawberries and banana. I am still drinking my 3 L of H2O.

Looking forward to trying the white chai seeds this week when my order arrives…Making healthy choices… especially out as I dine out alot. Functions, meetings and social where food is preselected is part of my lifestyle. So I chose to eat select things. For example I no longer eat my dinner roll and real butter which I’ve always done.

This week I had the Education and Care Gala Evening…it was Bollywood and I was nominated as a finalist for 2013 Professional of the Year.

It was good to wear my saree and just feel well. Normally being up like that in the spotlight in front of all those people would have had me worried about my weight. But it just made me realise how starting this healthy mummy weight loss diet is impacting on my happiness in all aspects of my life.

Especially with my boys as I now have more energy to run along with them.

Thank you
Heather Franshaw Thomas

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