MUST READ: Mum-of-two reveals how she STAYS FIT in the cooler months

A Healthy Mummy survey revealed that 53 per cent of mums gained between 4-10kg last winter! That’s more than a dress size!

We know staying fit in winter can be challenging, given that we often tell ourselves its too chilly to go outside and sugar-laden cafe lattes are everywhere.

Lovely Leah Shows Us How To Stay Motivated To Exercise During Winter
Source: Supplied. Leah.

Thankfully Leah, who has lost more than 17 kilograms* since jumping on board with The Healthy Mummy, is here to share her tips on how she stays fit in the cooler months.

Keeping it family friendly

Leah says, “I have been a Healthy Mummy for over two years and my family has been a huge motivator in my healthy lifestyle journey.

“I have lost 17kgs* following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenges and I know that a major part of my success is due to how family friendly the program is.

“Not only does my family eat The Healthy Mummy meals and snacks but my boys (aged 5 years and 2 years) help me and support me when they can while I’m doing my daily workouts.”

Winter workouts….yes the kids can join in!

Leah says, “With winter here, I am not going to let the colder weather scare me off from getting outdoors. Being outdoors is the best energy booster, it makes you feel so happy and it can help reduce stress.

“On the days I’m not at work teaching, you can very likely find me at a local park with my boys or playing outside at home.

“I like to use every little opportunity I have to workout. I will squeeze in a few minutes here and there to make sure I’m getting my body moving. When my boys are happily playing outside in the fresh air, I will get some of my challenge exercises done while chatting away to them. 

“My boys love scooting, so I use this as a great time to get some running in. While they scoot (very fast!) I run behind them. They LOVE having Mummy chase them and it is a fabulous incidental exercise.”

Source: Supplied. Leah.

Circuit training with the kiddies

“I also incorporate running into my circuit workouts. I’ll run with my boys and then stop to do some of the day 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercises.”

“Circuit training gives you the benefits of muscle building and toning along with an intense cardio workout. I like to mix up my exercises to keep it interesting.

“I also incorporate my kettle bell into my circuits too.”

Take advantage of your local park ladies

“Local parks are home to a wide range of objects that can double up as exercise equipment.

“Box jumps using steps at playgrounds and push-ups on the incline are just some of the exercises I love doing while watching my boys play.”

Even if you have a clingy baby – you can still squeeze in an awesome park workout with the older kids. Check out our Exercising with a Clingy Baby eBook!

Layer Up And Let’s Go!

“So layer up, go outside with your kids and enjoy those beautiful crisp winter days while creating a healthier, happier you!”

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*Images and references to kilograms lost are as supplied by the individual in the story. The Healthy Mummy assumes information and photographs supplied to be true in nature and is not responsible for any false misrepresentations or claims relating to their programs or products.


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